Prepare For the Online Class or Meeting by Making Yourself Presentable

Prepare For the Online Class or Meeting by Making Yourself Presentable

Learning has changed with time and advancement. Smartphones and tablets have taken the place of books. However, the simplest approach to learning and Gaining Knowledge is via Books. But in many respects, online learning, the “new normal,” inverts the traditional teacher/student relationship and lays different demands on you as a student. You are suddenly accountable for planning, coordinating, and leading your education. In addition, you must now learn to administer the learning management system, course materials, other course materials, your Internet connectivity, and your own electronic devices (computer, tablet, phone etc.) This is a lofty request! The defining characteristic of the student experience is a higher reliance on one’s inner resources to persevere.

Follow these nine easy rules and guidelines for online classroom etiquette to maintain a productive and professional online classroom.

1. Camera Angle

If you are holding your phone, tablet, or laptop computer in your hand or if it is on a desk, the camera will be facing upwards. This angle is not flattering. It is preferable to have the camera (on top of your device) at eye level. It is hard and tiring to hold your device upright, so look for a stand. There are stands available for smartphones and tablets. Consider placing your laptop on a box atop your table if you use one.

Tilt the camera down so that your head appears at the top of the image and not the bottom. As the camera is located at the top of your device, make eye contact by looking directly at the camera rather than the display.

2. Mute the Microphone When Not Speaking

There is nothing more aggravating than hearing strange echo noise from competing microphones. Joining the meeting while on mute will spare everyone from the ear-splitting chaos.

If you live alone, your home is likely quite noisy right now. Automatically muting your Microphone when you’re not speaking enables other participants to voice their opinions without being distracted or frustrated.

  • Keep your Microphone muted at all times.
  • Please advise your coworkers if you are experiencing an audio problem.

3. Take Part

You will benefit significantly more from your online course if you are not merely a “spectator,” therefore be actively involved. Attend a virtual orientation if one is provided. If your instructor sends you a letter of introduction with an invitation to meet, use the opportunity to introduce yourself and ask any necessary questions! Enjoy finishing all of your responsibilities. By engaging in academic activities with your classmates, you will learn from them and impart your own experiences and thoughts.

4. Use a Microphone

There are built-in microphones in smartphones, tablets, and laptops, but if you are more than two feet away from your device, the voice will become crackly and challenging to interpret.

Utilizing a headphone with a microphone is a wise decision. This will improve both your ability to hear and the clarity of your speech.

5. Remain Sitting and Attentive

During a lull in a meeting, it may be easy to check your email or carry on a side conversation, but resist the urge! You may lose out on vital information or a chance to provide input. Use attentive body language when using a webcam: sit up straight, don’t make large, unnecessary movements, and don’t let your eyes stray excessively.

  • Ensure you are seated in one location.
  • Please alert your teachers before leaving the meeting and turning off your video.
  • Ensure that you are sitting straight and upright
  • Ensure you focus on the discussion and not perform other tasks during the Zoom meeting or webinar.
  • Please do not check your mobile device during Zoom meetings or webinars.
  • Please refrain from answering your cell phone during a Zoom conference or webinar.
  • The camera should always be on.

6. Lighting System

Try to locate a neutral, unobtrusive background to place behind you. Never place your back against a window or light source. If you do, you will look entirely black. Sit in a location with the light on your face, such as in front of a lamp or window, but behind your gadget. Avoid overhead lighting because it casts unattractive shadows.

You will likely utilize a smartphone, tablet (iPad or Android), or laptop. They have microphones and cameras built in. Using a desktop computer, you may need to purchase a camera and Microphone separately.

7. Choose a Peaceful Spot

It’s easy to forget that a microphone catches up with your speech and any sounds you make while eating or chewing. If your computer’s Microphone is not muted, it is susceptible to picking up the background noise. If you prepare a cup of tea, the cabinet’s opening and the microwave’s beeping will be increased. Wait until the meeting’s conclusion.

If you reside near a busy street and your meeting coincides with trash collection, or if a preschool is close to your home, select a different room for the meeting. When seated in areas with abundant natural light, we tend to feel more at ease and appear better, especially on a built-in laptop camera.

8. Choose the proper background

Even though homes are intrinsically less fitted for professional conferences than the boardroom in your company, there are better settings than others to take a call.

Zoom is not the place to display your bookcases stuffed with intellectual tomes or your large Basquiat print, especially during a business conversation. This ostentatious house decoration detracts attention from the show’s true star: you.

Avoid sleeveless or off-the-shoulder clothing while dressing for your interview, and stick to solid colors. Otherwise, you risk appearing to be conducting the call in your pajamas.

9. Abstinence from eating during Online School

Try to avoid snacking throughout the online school. Not only is it annoying to others, but you won’t be able to concentrate on the task since you’ll be concerned about getting crumbs on your keyboard. No one wants to witness you shoveling chips into your mouth while discussing assignments.

  • Please refrain from eating during school zoom meetings.
  • Please refrain from chewing anything during webinars and zoom meetings.
  • Please feel free to partake in snack sharing day at school. Remember to maintain a closed mouth when chewing.

Let’s Wrap

Be successful at work and successes. You transitioned from traditional classrooms to online education pretty rapidly. Being a student and meeting all the standards and expectations is difficult. Recognize that you cannot always be flawless and that certain obstacles may appear impossible. Continue to make an effort, but also pardon yourself! Congratulations, and best wishes for your success.