Do You Own A Backup Generator? Here’s Why Fuel Maintenance Is Of Extreme Importance

Do You Own A Backup Generator? Here’s Why Fuel Maintenance Is Of Extreme Importance

Businesses that are ambitious simply can’t afford to stay at a constant pace. They have to adapt and improve in order to stay relevant amongst their competitors, and with the rising customer demand, there’s simply no room for slipups. Unfortunately, a company’s hand may be forced into committing those slipups simply by not being considerate enough towards the likelihood of massive blackouts and end up paying in the form of a major financial catastrophe.

Having a continuous electricity supply keeps operation going, elevates your level of productivity, keeps the workforce happy & motivated, eliminates excess waste, etc. so, it’s clear to see that without power supply, any industry that exists today wouldn’t be enjoying such a fruitful period as it does today. Sadly, not all companies relish the same level of growth, especially the ones facing frequent setbacks from seemingly minute power cuts. This is because losing grid output for an insignificant period can lead to system downtime, and everything goes downhill from thereon.

Thankfully, we have backup generators to come to our aid whenever a major outage threatens to snatch our financial freedom & business prosperity. However, there’s no harm in getting more out of your unit by simply paying attention to a few key areas that influence its performance. While it’s mighty important to find a certified genset vendor and get your machine installed & maintained by a proper electrician, the quality of fuel also is highly significant to its overall performance.

Diesel generators are widely recognized as the most dependable, with the longest shelf-life, but without competent fuel maintenance, the unit is likely to suffer from fluctuations and hence offer underwhelming power output (not to mention it develops high fuel consumption habits). So, why is fuel maintenance so crucial, and what can be done to ensure the same? Luckily, this is exactly what we are going to ponder over in this article.

Why is fuel maintenance important?

Fuel is the input for generators and has great significance in power output. How much output you will get, depends on the fuel. So, to maximize your output you must use a good fuel alternative and also maintain it. Fuel maintenance is important as it ensures only optimum fuel is used in the process.

Storing, testing, and carrying the stored fuel is some basic pointer you must take care of. Here are some aspects you must keep in mind for proper maintenance of the fuel.

Proper Fuel Storage:

First things first, buying a diesel storage tank can be such a massive boost to your genset’s power output & safety woes. You can buy tanks here that can be stored both underground and overground & help keep your fuel quality in check for weeks and perhaps even months.

Always, the first step in the power generation process is the storage of fuel. You must take care while selecting the storage options. You can choose to store it in barrels, underground or aboveground tanks. But each alternative has some benefits over the other. You must select the one which suits you the best.

Fuel Tanks Are Beneficial:

As stated earlier, an underground tank is generally used all over the world as it keeps the fuel safe. These tanks ensure that nothing comes in direct contact with the fuel. The high inflammability of fuels makes it important to store them safely. Also, this option allows you to store more quantities of fuel and for a longer time.

An aboveground tank is another option you can use to store fuel. But it requires proper location so that nothing comes in contact with fuel. Another thing to keep in mind is to use good material for building the tank. Only that material should be used which does not react with the fuel. It will keep the fuel-ready to use, and in its original state.

Dimensions & Material Of Fuel Container:

You may use any container like a barrel, above, or underground tank, but keep the size in mind. You may want a bigger-sized tank to store more fuel, but this can be harmful. Every type of fuel has a limited shelf life, and diesel should not be stored for more than six months. Therefore, you must keep in mind your usage pattern to use the fuel in an optimum way.

Another reason why a properly sized tank should be used is oxidation. When the fuel is kept without use for some time it starts settling down. This will cause the water content of fuel to go to the bottom of the container. The oxidation will also form tank sediments and solids which will ultimately settle at the bottom.

Fuel Quality Testing:

Maintaining the quality of fuel is important from the first storage only. You must make a benchmark for the quality of fuel to ensure the similar quality fuel is being refilled. Apart from it, taking fuel samples semi-annually for testing will be a good practice. If the exposure of the tank is more than the sampling and testing should be done more often.

Use Fuel Filters To Determine Quality:

The fuel filters will ensure a much better performance from the backup generator. If the input is not as per specifications then the output will also not be good. Therefore, to generate power efficiently, you must use fuel filters. They will keep the fuel pure, and remove any impurities which can enter the engine and disrupt the operations.

You must use a filter that is compatible with the fuel. Using another filter with different fuels will affect the efficiency of the generator. Another point to keep in mind is to replace the filters regularly, this will protect the engine.

# Conclusion:-

Fuel support is a significant part of utilizing a backup generator properly. You can’t simply depend on putting away fuel for a while amidst highly contaminating places and expect it to retain its proficiency and combustible characteristics. You should make appropriate courses of action for its professional stockpiling.

Aside from the actual upkeep, it is imperative to check fuel-grade synthetically. Testing the fuel either every year or semi-yearly will guarantee that it is good for use in the generator. Alongside such estimates, you should utilize fuel filters with the goal that no pollutants can enter the motor. Channels will upgrade the presentation of the generator and eventually the proficiency

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