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What Do You Do In The Algarve If It’s Raining?

"rain algarve"A question that I get asked a lot by visitors to the Algarve is what you do in the Algarve when it’s raining?  After all the region is best known as a place to come in the summer months when the sun is shining and the days are lovely and warm but the fact is that there are things to do in the Algarve when the sun is not shining.

When  it is raining the first place that most people go to is the local shopping centre which always surprises me because the shopping centres in the Algarve are actually all partially open air so it is not as if you can actually keep dry at a shopping centre!

The three big shopping centres of Forum Algarve in faro, Algarve Shopping in Guia near Albufeira and Aqua in Portimão are all open air with only part of the area having a covered roof so you have to be carefully to dodge the rain as you walk about the shopping centre although the food halls are all fully covered to make sure you don’t get a rain drop on your burger!

Shopping centres are a good place to go in the rain but I prefer heading out to a museum or an art gallery in the rain to make sure I really don’t get wet.

Portimão has a great museum on the water front located in the old canning factory and is a good choice for an afternoon out for all ages.

The museum has artifacts from all ages of history in the local area as well as an area dedicated to the history of the canning industry in Portimão which was hugely important to the city.

You can pick up a guide to the museum as you go in and this has information in English although the videos and other exhibits are not in English which is a downside to this great little museum.

If you are looking for an art gallery to visit then a good start has to be Atre Algarve in Lagoa.  This is the largest private art gallery in all of Portugal and is located in the winery along the EN125 with plenty of parking available.

it is free to visit the gallery and there are hundreds of pictures, photos and sculptures on display here all year round.  the building itself is also amazing and you can look down to the wine production area below while looking at the art work on display.

Everything in the gallery is for sale so you never know – you ma come away with your very own future masterpiece!

Not everything in the Algarve revolves around sunshine and if you look a little harder then you are sure to find entertainment for all the family in the Algarve even if it is raining outside.