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Vets – Veternario

"vets in portugal"Many people in Portugal have pets with the most popular being cats and dogs.

In Portugal you have to pay for the services of a vet, however the costs are often cheaper than in other European countries.

There are many stray and abandoned animals in Portugal and because of this a number of charities have been set up to try and tackle the problem. If you find a stray dog or cat then you should contact your local vet to ask for advice about the nearest shelter or rescue home.

If you are looking to adopt an animal then you are also advised to visit a local vet to ask about where the nearest shelters and rescue homes are. Animals from these centres are free but often a donation is appreciated to help pay for the care of the animal.

Many local vets will also help to sterilise street dogs and cats, either for free or for a donation.

Key words

Dog – Cão (cow)

Cat – Gato (gat-oo)

Puppy – Cachorro (ca-shore-oo)

Kitten – Gatinho (gat-een-yo)

Rabbit – Coelho (co-well-yo)

Hamster – Hamster

Parrot – Papagaio (pap-a-gai-oo)

Guinea Pig – Porco da India (por-co da India)

Castration – Castração (cas-tra-saow)

De-worming – Deparatizar (de-para-tee-zar)

Fleas – Pulgas (pool-ga-s)

Ticks – Carraças (ca-ra-sa-s)

Insect bite – Picada da insectos (pick-a-da da insect-os)

Lead – Trela (trel-a)

Collar – Coleira (col-air-a)

Kennels – Canil (can-eel)

Stray dog – Cão da rua

Stray Cat – Gato da rua

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