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Tour The Adega Do Cantor Winery In Guia, Algarve

"adega do cantor winery algarve"When travelling in Portugal and staying in the Algarve the love of wine in the region will be hard to avoid and a good way to find out more is to take a tour of a local winery with the Adega do Cantor winery being one of the most popular wine tours in the Algarve.

The Adega do Cantor means the “winery of the singer” and is known as such because it is partially owned by the renowned singer Sir Cliff Richard with the other part being owned by a British family who have lived in the Algarve for more than 20 years.

The winery is not large and is described as being boutique so don’t expect to be there all day – however it is a great way to be introduced to Portuguese wine and to learn a little about the process that goes in to making wine in the Algarve.

If you want to go on a tour of the Adega do Cantor Winery then you need to book in advance.  In the summer months the tours get very busy and you need to  book your place at least 24 hours in advance and further ahead for large groups.

Booking is simple and can be done via their website or by just making a quick call to secure your place with a couple of tours a day taking place in the summer and one in the winter meaning that you can visit at any time of the year.

The connection to Sir Cliff Richard means that a number of people going on the tour are hoping to catch a glimpse of the famed singer, however it is very unlikely that you will be there at the same time as him and even if you are you may not realise it because when he visits he keeps a generally low profile.  However if you want to increase your chances of bumping in to Cliff Richard at the Adega do Cantor winery then the best time to visit is in August when he is most likely to be staying at his nearby villa.

Part of the wine tour includes a wine tasting session which is a great way to learn about how to taste wine in a simple and non intimidating way but this is really aimed at novices so if you are wanting a more in depth tour about wine then this is probably not for you.

A day trip to the Adega do Cantor Winery is a great day out for all the family, with some amazing views down the valley and towards the sea and a great place to buy wine direct from the winery itself.

When travelling in Portugal be sure to include a tour of a winery in your itinerary, you won’t be disappointed!