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The Wine and Food Lover’s Guide to Portugal

"wine-and-food"Anyone who is serious about their food and wine and loves Portugal will simply adore this book. It offers a fantastic insight into the culinary world of Portugal, something which is a joy for anyone to discover.

The wonderfully designed hardback book is co-written by the much respected food critics and travel authors Charles Metcalfe and Kathryn McWhirter, and each time you turn the page you are wowed by the fantastic pictures, well organized layout, and beautiful type which adorn the entire book. This is no quick fix guide to grabbing a bite to eat in Portugal, but a sumptuous and indulgent account of the finest food and wine that Portugal has to offer. It is of the highest quality throughout.

The huge 446 page book not only takes you on a tour of the best places to eat, buy fresh fruit and veg, visit vineyards, and find locally produced delights, it also helps you to discover the finest attractions and places of interest in this magnificent country. It is not another guide book telling you where the most popular beaches are, although there are plenty of those included as well, but giving you a firsthand account of some of the most interesting and largely undiscovered joys of Portugal.

This awesome book really does tell you everything you could possibly want to know about visiting Portugal, and even lets you know the best places to stay whilst on your travels. If you are interested in visiting a particular wine region or historic attraction, you will not only get an insight into what to do there and where to visit, but also where you can stay. The authors have provided you with a comprehensive guide on places to stay, with options to suit all budgets.

The book is split into regional sections with each location having a general overview, wineries in the region, where to go, where to eat, what to do in between meal times, where to stay, introductions to food and wine in the region, tasting advice, and contact details for almost every single place mentioned. You could literally tour around Portugal for a year with just this book as your guide and you would have the best time imaginable!

The book almost sounds too good to be true, and the best thing about it is that it is completely independent. No one has paid the authors to be included, which means it all comes from real life recommendations.