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The Weather In Portugal

"The Weather In Portugal"The Portugal weather is pretty special and is no doubt the biggest reason why people want to leave England to start a new life living in the sun. The climate in the summer is very hot indeed and you will have to embrace this best you can.

You have to bear in mind the risks of skin cancer and as a resident here in Portugal stay out of the sun at the hottest time of the day. If you have children like we do make sure that you give them enough high factor sun cream to protect their precious skin.

Here is an idea of the Portugal weather (maximum temperature) to expect all year round in Celsius:

January 24
February 23
March 26
April 32
May 33
June 35
July 41
August 37
September 34
October 32
November 28
December 22



Obviously the Portugal weather can change from time to time but generally hits these levels. I have been enjoying the Portugal weather since arriving in the Algarve 16 months ago and still haven’t worn a coat as the Portugal weather really is that good!