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School – Escola

"learn portuguese: school - escola"If you plan on living in Portugal and have children then you need to know some essentials about schooling.

The Portuguese schooling system is similar to many others around the world with children starting primary education at 6 years old and then secondary education at 11. Before this there is state pre school available from the age of three or four and private nursery schools for younger children.

State education is available to children who are resident in Portugal and you register your child for any school in your local area at the head school for the municipality (details can be found at local junta offices). To register you need all the children’s paperwork including an authenticated vaccination book.

Schools in Portugal generally do not have uniforms and parents need to buy most materials and text books for pupils.

Key words

Lesson – Lição (lee-saow)

English – Inglés (in-gl-es)

Maths – Matematica (mat-e-mat-ee-ca)

French – Françes (Fran-ses)

Physical Education – Educação Física (ed-you-ca-saow fee-see-ca)

Physics – Física (fee -see-ca)

Chemistry – Quimica (keem-ee-ka)

Biology – Biologia (Bee-ol–ee-gee-a)

Art – Artes (arts)

Music – Música (moo-sic-a)

History – História (ist-or-ria)

Geography – Geografia (gee-og-raf-ee-a)

Religious Education – Religião e Moral (rel-ig-ee-aow ee mor-al)

Teacher – Professor (prof-es-or)

Classroom – Sala de Aula (sala de ow-la)

Library – Biblioteca (bib-ee-o-teca)

Staff room – Sala de professores (sala de prof-es-or-es)

Toilets – Casas de banho (cazas de ban-yo)

Laboratory – Laboratório (lab-at-or-rio)

Workshops – Oficinas (of-ee-see-nas)

Gym – Ginásio (gin-as-sio)

Sports field – Campo de jogos (camp-o de jog-os)

Headmaster – Director (dee-rec-tor)

Secretary – Secretária (sec-ret-ar-ria)

Dining Hall – Cantina (cant-ee-na)

Caretaker – Guarda (gwar-da)

Lesson – Aula (ow-la)

Pupil – Aluno (al-oo-no)

Homework – Trabalho Para Casa (TPC) (trab-al-yo par-a caza)

Timetable – Hórario (or-ar-rio)

Detention- Detenção (det-en-saow)

Pen – Caneta (can-et-a)

Paper – Papel (pap-el)

Chalk – Giz (j-I j)

Blackboard – Quadro (kwad-ro)

Book – Livro (lee-v-ro)

Exercise Book – Livro de exercisios (lee-v-ro de ex-er-sis-ee-os)

Calculator – Calculadora (cal-coo-la-dora)

Back pack – Mochila (mosh-ee-la)

School Trip – Viagem de escola (via-gen de es-col-a)

Holidays- Férias (fair-re-as)

Pre school – Pré- Primária (pr-eh prim-ar-ria)

Nursery School – Créche

Primary School – Escola Primária (es-cola pre-mar-ia)

Secondary School- Escola Secundaria (es-cola sec-und-aria)

University – Universidade (oon-ee-ver-see-dad)

College – Colégio (col-e-jee-o)

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