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Rodizio Grill Brazil – Restaurante Palmerias Review

"Rodizio Grill Brazil"I have recently enjoyed my second trip to the Rodizio Grill Brazil that is located at Camping Turiscampo at Espiche. It is a wonderful campsite and the restaurant on site is fantastic.

I have had the buffet on several occasions but this is only my second chance to re-test the Brazilian. I love the Brazilian that you get at a selection of restaurants in the Algarve but this one has to be my personal favourite. Its just a shame that it is more than 30 minutes away from where we live otherwise we would go much more often.

My parents are often camped at Espiche for the winter so that is our main reason for visiting.

When we did last visit we all had the Brazilian along with the buffet and it was very tasty. I just want to go back again for some more!!!!


For the buffet itself the highlight for me is the fresh king prawns or shrimps as the Americans call them!!! I can sit at the table with a big dish of them and some prawn sauce and enjoy a big prawn moment.

I often follow this up with some sushi and then dig into whatever is left. I am not the biggest of meat dish fans but I still feel that I get enough from the buffet without wanting any.

For example I am not a big eater of the salted cod or the pork in a nice sauce so I will save my appetite for the Brazilian.

You have the choice of a whole variety of meats that come round to your table. My personal favourite is the chicken with bacon as it tastes absolutely amazing. Though it was my bad luck the first time I had it that it came round last when I was too full to have more than one piece.

I also love the sirloin with garlic – though it is a little strong for my ten year old – so I got the chance to steal his!!!! (this of course is the real benefit to having kids)

"Rodizio Grill Brazil"My husband loves the lamb – but because there is so much choice it is always down to personal preference and even the best of fussy eaters would be happy here.

Here is a breakdown of the meat that is usually on offer:

- Sausage
- Chicken wrapped in bacon
- Smoked ham
- Pork rib
- Sirloin
- Sirloin with garlic
- Neck Fillet
- Rump Steak
- Lamb

And next time I go I think I will go for a surf and turf and enjoy some lovely king prawns at the same time. Whatever it is – I am sure it will be fantastic.

One trick though is to avoid filling up on the buffet before the Brazilian comes round otherwise you will be too full for the good stuff!!!

Also I forgot to mention the service is spot on, I have never known a moment when they haven’t looked after you a 110% so I will certainly be back again and again.

If you live closer to the area you may find that it is perfect for your Saturday nights.

Also watch out for a membership card that you can have stamped to get you a free buffet from every 10 visits and a free bottle of wine from five.

I have been back to this restaurant now about six times and must admit I absolutely love it and now with us becoming regular visitors we are finding that the service is perfect with the carver communicating with you about the kind of food on offer.

This is not to be missed in the Algarve and I will be back!

Our Verdict 4/5

Our Directions

To get to the Rodizio Grill Brazil restaurante. You need to come of at junction 1 of the A22. Follow the road until you come to the second roundabout. Take the first exit and follow this road until you see signs for campismo. Turn right towards the campsite because the restaurante is part of the campsite. Park your car on the right hand side as this is where you need to park if visiting the restaurante. Walk through the barriers and you will see straight ahead of you the bar and this is the  Rodizio Grill Brazil – Restaurante Palmerias.