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Restaurante U Monchiqueriro Silves – Algarve Local Restaurant Review

"Silves"On valentines day any romantic plans I had were put on hold whilst I went out for dinner with my mum, dad, husband and seven year old son. We knew that on Sunday’s in winter very few places were open but as we were going with the flow we didn’t argue about going out for sunday dinner.

Our favourite restaurant was closed and next door to it there is another chicken restaurant. I have always avoided visiting it because the Restaurant U Monchiqueriro is always dead and never has any customers with it even in full season in the summer holidays.

The prices are very reasonable so deep down I always wanted to know what was so wrong with this beautiful restaurant that has amazing views over Silves town in the Algarve. It has the ingredients to be the perfect restaurant yet didn’t have the customers to match the image.

When we sat down the restaurant was very pretty with just outside seating available and quite a few customers because no where else was open. The reason for this is because Portugal is very much a catholic country and they take the idea of sunday been a day of rest totally to heart.

The first thing that went wrong is that they sent us the wrong drinks over. We had ordered them together and was missing one of our drinks. Then after we had ordered we waited about 30 minutes for our food which with been sat outside in the middle of February felt like pure torture.

When the food did arrive it was beautiful chicken and chips just like the Portuguese do it in a lovely pri pri seasoning cooked outside on the grill. The smell of it was amazing and the chips were nice too. We paid for five lots of chicken and chips and it was about 15 Euros more than next door.

The biggest disappointment was the portion sizes we had paid for five adult portions and we only received four. I don’t know what happened there!!! I glanced around at the other diners as most of the customers was eating the same as us and all those that had four people on a table had the same size meal as us. This mean’t that they hadn’t increased the size because we had a child and this annoyed me.

I can now see why my favourite restaurant wins in the customer rankings. They offer nicer chicken, the chips are fresh rather than re-heated and they serve the most amazing salad in the world. My son isn’t the biggest salad fan in the world but he goes crazy when we go there as the dressing tastes fantastic. The service is also quicker and the people are much nicer when they serve you.

When I next visit my favourite restaurant I will report back to you to show you what next door has to offer if you are visiting the Algarve shortly.

Our Verdict 1/5

As we walk down to the restaurant i will just give you basic directions as if you are travelling in a car. As you come towards Silves down the hill and stop at the traffic lights just over the bridge. Make sure you are taking a right turn into the centre of Silves. Then after your turn if you travel about 500 metres down the road on your right hand-side you will see the Chicken place situated in front of the fruit and fish market. Carry on up the road and you will a big car park on your left hand side make your way there and park. Follow the red track until you come too some traffic lights cross over and then again on the zebra crossing. Walk up and it is the first place you come too on this strip of eateries.