What Are The Winters Like For Anyone Living In Portugal?

"winter in portugal"For many people the image of Portugal that comes in to their mind usually involves sunshine and beaches but what are the winters like for anyone living in Portugal?

The good news is that there is still plenty of sunshine during the winter months in Portugal but the weather will vary massively depending on which part of the country that you live in.

In the southern region of Portugal, the Algarve, there are more than 300 days of sunshine every year and during the winter months you will find that in an average week you will probably have at least four days of sunshine.

It does rain in the Algarve of course but this usually happens in large storms and on the whole you will not have week after week of grey skies and drizzle!

Temperatures can get up to around 17ºC or 18ºC during the day time and it is more than warm enough to be able to wear T-shirts and shorts although as soon as the sun goes down you need to run for cover and start to pile on the coats as it gets cold very quickly!

In the central region of Portugal the weather can be considerably cooler with more rainfall always occurring along the coast and in high level lands.

The weather in the winter in Lisbon is not as favourable as it is in the Algarve but saying that it is not very cold when compared to other European cities during the winter months and it is very rare to see a snow flake falling in the capital.

But Portugal does get snow in the winter months and if you are looking for skiing then head for the hills of Serra da Estrela where ever winter thousands of visitors flock to for some skiing and fun in Portugal.

This area is incredibly beautiful and although it does not have a large area for skiing there is more than enough to keep you happy for a few days.

The ski season follows roughly the other dates of ski resorts in Europe but you won’t find the details about it on a regular ski forecast and will have to look a little harder for details  - unless you watch Portuguese news and weather reports.

Living in Portugal is not just fantastic during the summer months, there is still plenty to do in the winter and this is a great time of year to search out new places in Portugal that you may have have visited before because this is traditionally a much quieter time of year and the roads, hotels and destinations are usually quiet.


  1. maria silvestre says:

    I fully agree with your post. We are not the Caribean Islands but our winters are probably the mildest of Europe. But we, Portuguese, feel that it’s terribly cold when it is 12º C outside. I am part of those who say “I don’t know what happened this year. This winter is colder than last year etc. etc.” and on TV we see some european temperatures: 5ºC, 3ºC and sometimes 0ºC…Oh, Lord please don’t punish us (though I know we deserve)!