What Are The Costs Of Living In Portugal – Bars

"cost of living portugal bars"When it comes to living in Portugal some things you may find to be pricey in comparison to costs in your home country while other things will be much cheaper and luckily for us the cost of going to bars in Portugal is generally lower than in most other European countries.

The culture in Portugal means that it is not strange to see families including granddad and grandma with small children in a bar until around midnight in the summer months and because of this family feel, going to a bar in Portugal is often a very different experience to other countries.

The cost of going to a bar in Portugal is generally pretty low, of course depending on where abouts you are in the country and what type of establishment you choose.

In the tourist areas of Portugal along the coast in the Algarve and in the capital of Lisbon in particular, the cost of having drinks in a bar is higher than if you visit a bar inland or in a quieter area of Portugal.

In the Algarve you there are also differences in the price depending on the destination that you are in, some areas are far more expensive than others with it generally costing more in the central Algarve region and being cheaper in the east and the west of the Algarve.

A cheap pint of lager in the Algarve will cost around two euros but it can go up to four euros and more at beach front cafes and bars and in golf clubs and other more expensive places.

Most people in the Algarve drink small beers or bottles of beer as it stops it from getting too warm while ytou are drinking it and these are usually around half the price of a pint of lager.

Imported drinks are of course more expensive and if you want a can of bitter, a pint of Guinness or a bottle of WKD or other similar drink then you will be looking at paying a lot more so it is best to still to local brands for the cheapest deals.

The brands of beer you will see most in Portugal are SuperBock, Sagres and Cristal and there will often be promotions on these types of beer especially during the summer months in tourist destinations.

Coctails and spirits are more expensive but the measures here are very large (at least a double UK measure in most cases or even larger sometimes).  If you go to a specialist cocktail bar be prepared to spend between five and 10 euros for a cocktail while in normal bars the price is a little lower usually.

It is very normal in the south of Portugal to be able to buy wine by the glass in most places, including rose wine in many cases.  The glasses of wine are again usually very large and cost anything from a euro a glass up to five euros in most places.

Further north in Portugal it is not so common to buy wine by the glass and you may need to buy a bottle instead.

Tap water is free in all bars but many people would prefer not to drink this, in which case you can always buy a bottle of still or sparking water for between 50 cents and two euros depending on where you are.