Using mobile broadband in Portugal with a dongle

When we moved to Portugal one of our first concerns was the lack of internet as in England we were used to unlimited access. We also work online so the thought of being without the internet was simply not an option. When we arrived we were presented with little options and it was frustrating deciding what was best for us.

At first we went with payment vouchers through PT wifi which is the unlimited internet access through set places across the Algarve for a set fee. This seemed really expensive but without a telephone line it was a wonderful way to get things going. It worked out at 50 Euros a week which may seem really expensive to you.

But think of it from our point of view – we were using the internet for our business so it was a tax deductable payment and it was allowing us to have an internet connection whenever we needed one. So as you would say they simply ticked all the boxes for our needs.

We carried on using these vouchers for a couple of months and then moved on to purchasing our own Dongle which my Dad now owns. It cost us approximately fifty Euros at the time so it was a really good bargain for a pay as you go system. The only downside to it was that you could only use it for small bits of work because for downloading the rate it charged you was extremely high. But if your use is just to check your emails and read the daily paper online then go for it.

"mobile broadband dongle"Otherwise there is also some great deals on contract but if you are not fully settled you will probably want something that doesn’t tie you to Portugal.

There are lots of different companies offering mobile broadband but the best one we have found is TMN they seem to offer a much better service and the quality of the connection is far greater. Along with this they offer wonderful value for money. We used them for just over a year and don’t have a single complaint about their system or service.

Dongles in general though are just a quick fix if you do not have a telephone line or feel the need to stay away from a contract. They shouldn’t really be thought of as a long term solution unless you are a traveller. Once you are settled I fully recommend that you get broadband fitted just like we have now done.

Thanks for reading my blog post and I hope you enjoy our expat tips. I love living in the Algarve and sharing my stories with you.

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