Top 5 Tips For Finding Work In The Algarve

When you first move to the Algarve your number one aim will more than likely be to find a job so with that in mind here are 5 tips for finding work as soon as possible.

1/ Firstly, you should decide what kind of work that you would prefer. Even though the employment situation in the Algarve is not very healthy at the moment but you should at least narrow things down a little.

For example, does the company that you already work for have a branch in Portugal. It may be a long shot and it might be the case that you would like to try something completely different but it is definitely worth a shot. Carry out a little research on the internet to find out the different types of employment that are available, you may come across a type of job that you have never previously considered.

2/ The main industry in the Algarve is tourism so there are plenty of opportunities in that sector but you should remember that many jobs in this industry are unskilled and low paid so there is an awful lot of competition, especially from the local Portuguese population. Even though the climate in the Algarve ensures that it is an attractive place to visit at any time of the year, you should be aware that tourism does ease off during the winter months.

If this area interests you it is a good idea to call around the various establishments yourself but if you have not yet moved to the Algarve you could contact the big chains of restaurants and hotels to see what they are able to offer you.

"Finding Work In The Algarve"3/ Another tip that many people don’t even think of is simply by asking around and looking at local notice boards etc. Quite often you will see jobs advertised in this way that you probably would not even have considered previously, but I do know people who have found a job in this way and are still there many years later. Just think of the shop windows in the UK that advertise job vacancies and you will know what I mean.

4/ There are job centres in the Algarve which operate in more or less the same way as they do in the UK. There can be a problem with the language but it is always worth asking if there is someone who speaks English that you could speak to. Another option is to take someone with you who speaks the language, even if it is just for your first visit so that you are aware of what it all involves.

Ask for print outs of any vacancies that interest you and you can then study the details when you arrive home.

5/ There are also employment agencies that may be able to help. These are usually based in the larger cities but there are a few on the Algarve. As a rule, the type of jobs that are advertised in these agencies are more of the skilled variety but whatever your requirements, they are worth checking out. You will find that these agencies are very professional and you will often find that there will be someone who speaks English amongst their staff who will be able to help you.

The trick to find a job on the Algarve is the same as anywhere really, don’t give up if your efforts are not successful to begin with, keep on trying and you will soon find something that meets your requirements.

Thanks for reading my blog post and I hope you enjoy our expat tips. I love living in the Algarve and sharing my stories with you.

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  1. wow, nice post, I was wondering the same thing. I like the fact about how honest you are, when you live abroad you want to know about the good, the bad and the ugly.

    I just feel sorry for those with kids at the school, I heard a story about another international school in the algarve, that their son fell out of the tree and they actually charged them for plasters and phoning up the mum to tell them about it.

  2. These are very nice tips that I will try out, I am glad I ran into it. Thanks.

  3. There are thousands of foreigners in the area and those that make the effort to integrate with their local community and learn the language are welcomed with open arms. Expats will find getting around the region is straightforward and inexpensive a point facilitated by the abundance of low cost airlines that fly in from other European destinations. It should be noted that the public institutions are comparable to the facilities offered by other European countries and can be inconsistent in quality.

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