Top 10 Beaches In The Algarve

If there is something in particular that I moved to the Algarve for it has to be their beautiful beaches they are simply incredible. In fact it is hard to choose a favourite as there is simply so many nice ones to choose from.

I have decided to put my top 10 beaches in the algarve together so that if you have not yet moved to the Algarve or don’t know which beach to visit you will be spoilt for choice.

1. Albufeira – At Albufeira there is simply a little beach or a big beach for everyone. Whether you are looking for a secluded beach or a busy one it can cater for all tastes.

2. Alijezur – At Alijezur there is a lovely beach that is a firm favourite with many of the long term visitors to the Algarve. It is small and compact and you can visit it in the early evenings in summer and find many people setting up barbeque for the evening.

3. Barill – Barill is a very beautiful beach that reminds me very much of my family holiday in Caribbean a couple of years ago. The sand is extremely soft on your feet and you feel like you have stepped into pure luxury. This is certainly the Algarve at its best!!

4. Bocadorio – Bocadorio is a very luxurious beach and is a firm favourite for many visitors to the Algarve and I have visited this beach several times myself over the years. It is so pretty it is like one of the exotic beaches you often associate with the movies and rightly so!!!

5. Ferrugudo – Ferrugudo is one of those places that you always say you will visit but do not quite get around to doing so. I have been there twice and everytime I go back I think to myself why don’t I come here more often? It has beautiful boats and many different things t0 check out and is extremely cultured and the Brits just love it!!

6. Milfontes – Milfontes is a wonderful beach for getting away from it all and as it is not widely known (until now) you can often find yourself a quiet spot even at the hottest part of the year. If you are looking for something a little different from an Algarve beach this is exactly what you can achieve here.

7. Praia da Rocha – The Praia da Rocha beach near Portimao is my husbands favourite beach and my second beach. It is probably the second most well known beach location in the Algarve and rightly so. It makes a lovely day out for the whole family even if you do have quite a walk from the shore to the toilets.

8. LagosLagos is what the Algarve is all about and certainly the home of my favourite beaches in the Algarve. As it is about a 30-40 minute drive from where I live in Silves I don’t get to Lagos as much as I would like which is a real shame. It is extremely pretty with something for everyone (that is once you get passed the steps down to the beach).

9. AlvorAlvor is another of my personal favourites and I came here many times as a child with my parents when we were residents in England. It is very popular so if you want a decent spot right in the middle of the summer make sure you come early.

10. Sagres – For my final selection I have gone with Sagres. This is because beaches are not just for sunbathing on but for enjoying beautiful watersports. There is a good wind from the Atlantic Ocean at Sagres meaning that it is perfect for windsurfung and other favourite sports.

So there you have it my top 10 favourite beaches in the Algarve. I am sure that if you are a regular in the Algarve you will also have your favourite selection of beaches. Also keep a good look at for secluded small beaches as there are many of them in between the resorts.

Thanks for reading my blog post and I hope you enjoy our expat tips. I love living in the Algarve and sharing my stories with you.

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