The Portuguese Education System

The Portuguese education system certainly gets my vote. The children that get taught in Portugal have a stricter education, learn more and work harder. Best of all there is no of the political correctness like we see so much in England.

In Portugal they start school a lot later compared to other countries with the first day being the september after their sixth birthday. In England it can vary from four to five in comparison.

The first couple of years are focused around teaching them how to build relationships with others along with the basics of reading and writing. The first stage is to teach them how to write joined up instead of just getting them to print when they start. I like it this way as the are taking children straight to the way that they will write when they grow up.

This removes all the frustration because the way they start with their writing never changes. Much more time is spent on reading and writing making sure it is above the minimum requirements. They also learn languages from an early age so my son has the pleasure of attending Portuguese classes whilst his friends learn English. Which is wonderful as it will really help with his communication with his new friends.

Like the education system in the United States children can’t progress to the following year until they pass the current one. This means that in a class of students they are all at the same level and understand the material fully.

There is also a great amount of physical education being taught so it means that you do not have the obese children problem that is so bad in England. Also you won’t get a nasty letter from the school if you give your child a chocolate biscuit.

"Portuguese Education System"

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