Questions Raised About The Legality Of The Merging Of Parishes In Silves

"silves-parish-council-mergers"Questions are being raised about the legality of the merging of parish councils in the municipality of Silves with members of the BE party stating that the move is illegal.

The Municipal Assembly of Silves has questioned the ombudsman about the merging of parishes in Silves to follow government policy of cutting the costs of parish councils in the country by reducing the number of parishes in each area.

The BE party presented a motion to the Municipal Assembly stating that the merging of Algoz and Tunes parish councils may be illegal and the motion was approved unanimously by the Assembly.

Charity Football Match To Help Rebuild Algarve After The Tornado

"charity football algarve"A charity football match will be taking place tomorrow (Saturday) in the Algarve to help raise funds to rebuild sporting facilities in Silves and Lagoa following the tornado that hit the area on November 16.

The game will take place between the Algarve and Sporting with the match taking place at the Esatádio de São Luís in Faro with kick off scheduled for 4pm.

Tickets to the match have now gone on sale at the stadium and have been priced at five euros per ticket to help to encourage as many people as possible to attend the match.

Volunteers Work To Clean Up Silves After Tornado

"silves help"Around one thousand volunteers came together in Silves yesterday (Sunday) to help in a massive clean up operation following the tornado that hit the city on Friday afternoon.

The high winds, heavy rain and lightening left a trail of destruction across Silves with the worst hit areas being around the municipal swimming pool and the Silves football club.

The newly instated mayor of Silves, Rogério Pinto, thanked all of the people who had responded to the plea for help from the mayor and added that people had not only come from other areas of Silves but also from other areas of the Algarve to come and help in the massive clean up effort.

Algarve Twister Hits Silves, Lagoa And Carvoeiro

"silves tornado"A twister that hit the Algarve this lunchtime has left eight people injured and has caused widespread damage in the Silves, Lagoa and Carvoeiro areas.

In Silves motorhomes parked near to the municipal swimming pool were flipped by the tornado leaving eight people injured while trees were ripped from the ground, cars were damaged and roof tiles came off buildings.

In Lagoa the area between the GNR building and the Jumbo petrol station saw large levels of damage as trees were uprooted and apartments left with blown out windows and barely any roof tiles.

Back To Silves Park: Lots Of Power Walking, Football And Beautiful Views Of The River

"Silves Algarve"We were last walking around the circuit at Silves park in May just because it gets so hot that unless you are willing it do your exercise at 6am the heat just gets to you too much. Well we are back on our exercise regime from last week and did 10 laps over the week (17.5km) and it never feels like torture like it does down the gym when you have such amazing views to look at. Doing the track twice a day seems so simple and you always seem to see the same people everyday. And its another box ticked on the healthy lifestyle since moving to Portugal.

New Algarve Solar Energy Parks Ready

"New Algarve Solar Energy Parks Ready"Two new solar energy parks in the Algarve have already been linked up to the electricity grid despite not being officially inaugurated until September 25.

The two new photovoltaic parks located in Silves and in Albufeira will be producing electricity later this month and it is estimated that the total amount of energy will provide enough for more than 17,000 domestic users.

A spokesman for the company responsible for the developments told the Portuguese news agency Lusa that the parks were ready to be fully operational.

The parks are located in Alvalades in Silves and in Ferreiras in Albufeira and will be officially inaugurated on September 25.