What Are The Winters Like For Anyone Living In Portugal?

"winter in portugal"For many people the image of Portugal that comes in to their mind usually involves sunshine and beaches but what are the winters like for anyone living in Portugal?

The good news is that there is still plenty of sunshine during the winter months in Portugal but the weather will vary massively depending on which part of the country that you live in.

In the southern region of Portugal, the Algarve, there are more than 300 days of sunshine every year and during the winter months you will find that in an average week you will probably have at least four days of sunshine.

Algarve Restaurants: Serra Da Estrela Restaurante, Algarve Shopping

With being parents to one child there is always that temptation to take them to a fast food outlet. Mainly because of the great convenience that comes with it. Plus I am a big fan of a trip to KFC or Pizza Hut.

When we go to Algarve Shopping I am embarrassed to say like many other expats that live in the Algarve we are regular visitors at these establishments. I know I am not alone because whenever I am sat in the main food area I always see the same people eating at Mcdonalds (the white legs always gives it away).