Iceland Falls Victim To The Portuguese System

I wasn’t surprised in the slightest recently when Iceland fell victim to the government’s strange rules and regulations. I am just surprised it took them so long to act in this way.

As someone that runs their own business in the Algarve and is totally legit I know how they must feel. While many don’t stick to the law and fail to register their cars in Portugal or pay their taxes it is seriously annoying.

Our Christmas Food Shopping At Iceland

It has finally reached that time of year to get all our food bits for Christmas and Dominic said that this year would be great with us having Iceland just down the road. We always seem to spend the entire Christmas period in the kitchen and by the end of it you are exhausted and beyond enjoying the holiday season.

So this year we thought well hey we have Iceland here now and it will make our life a lot easier especially with all the party buffet food that they have on offer.

Iceland Arrives In The Algarve

Iceland has finally arrived in the Algarve to give the English supermarkets a run for their money and boy do they mean business!!!!

I was one of the many customers to their UK stores and loved the home delivery service but it must have been over four years since I last visited an Iceland store. I had already seen a brochure for one of the recent Iceland stores in Spain so I had a fair good idea what to expect from the choice of products, but I must admit I still thought that the Portugal store would be higher priced – so I was in for a shock when I visited the store.