Living In Portugal And Finding Work

"working in portugal"If you are considering living in Portugal and you are under the age of retirement then you will probably be looking for some form of work while you are living here.

Before you make the move to Portugal then it really is a good idea to learn about what jobs are realistically on offer in Portugal and what sort of salary you can expect to earn if you are working and living in Portugal.

Don’t be Scared to Get Involved

"get involved"Are you are the kind of person that walks past the window of a dance class and is too scared to enquire about joining up? I was exactly the same until a few months ago, when my husband pushed me to get involved in the Yoga sessions that I had seen advertised at the community centre. He was fed up of me always saying that I would like to get involved, but then making up silly reasons why not too!

The Motorhome Debate In The Algarve Continues For Another Winter

Every winter when I read my local expat newspapers or view the local forums the stories of the hatred for the motorhome owners rolls on again. I have heard it every year and it always seems to end with the motorhome owners having choice words to say with the locals and vice versa.

I find myself often stuck in the middle – my parents are motorhome owners (or gypsies with engines as the locals call them) and as a tax paying local I can see both sides of the argument.

Will I Ever Live In England Again?

With the state of the economy and Portugal being well and truly in a recession there is always a question for expats whether or not we are better off going home.

Should you stay or should you go?

Well there has always been questions over me and where I will live, mainly because of my age and if you listen to many people I am too young to live in the Algarve and enjoy a better quality of life.

Do You Ever Dream About Your Family?

The truth is when you move abroad the hardest part of it is being separated from our family. You know the people you trust and love more in life and would often do anything for them.

We had the benefit of being a two hour drive away from our family for the last four years of our time living in England. Our family lived in Bridlington (east Yorkshire coast) and we moved to Manchester in order for me to go to university and experience new things.

Celebrating My Wedding Anniversary In The Algarve

Yesterday was me and my husband’s 8th wedding anniversary and we celebrated it by going to the pictures together and having a lovely dinner. What got me about it though, was that it was so English!!!

I had dinner in a Chinese and watched an English film – this is all the things I said I wouldn’t do when I moved here, but it is amazing how quickly you actually settle into your ways. We love the convience of things that we know and trust and don’t want to try new things in case we get our fingers burnt.