Life In Portugal For Families – Keeping In Touch

"life in portugal family keeping in touch"Life in Portugal is full of ups and downs – although it has to be said that it is mainly ups!  One of the biggest issues facing many families that move to Portugal is keeping in touch with other family members who do not live here and maintaining relationships with people overseas.

Just because you move to another country it doesn’t mean that you are now alone and have disconnected yourself from the rest of your family but what it does mean is that you will usually have to try that little bit harder to make sure that you keep in touch with people.

Life In Portugal For Families – Can You Speak The Language?

"life in portugal learning portuguese as a family"Learning the Portuguese language is something that everyone who is moving to or is living in Portugal will promise themselves that they will do as soon as possible but we all know this is far more difficult than it sounds.  When it comes to life in Portugal for families one of the biggest generational differences you will probably find will be the rate at which members of the family learn the language.

Generally children pick up Portuguese very quickly, simply from being around people who speak the language.  if you send your child to a Portuguese creche, nanny or school then they will generally go from knowing zero Portuguese to being more or less fluent in around three months.

Do You Ever Dream About Your Family?

The truth is when you move abroad the hardest part of it is being separated from our family. You know the people you trust and love more in life and would often do anything for them.

We had the benefit of being a two hour drive away from our family for the last four years of our time living in England. Our family lived in Bridlington (east Yorkshire coast) and we moved to Manchester in order for me to go to university and experience new things.