E is for Expat

"E is for Expat"Today we are discussing one of the proudest topics we could ever cover, E is for Expat. This year I am so proud to be able to celebrate my 4th year of being an expat of Portugal. If you do not know, an expat is someone who had the good fortune to move to Portugal and live here as one of their own. Many people think that becoming a Portuguese expat is as easy as getting off a plane and walking to a local restaurant for a bite to eat. Portugal is a very welcoming place, but any expat will tell you, there are a few things that you pick up along the way.

Could you afford to live in Britain now?

Even though I live in portugal as one of the many expats, I still keep in touch with everything that is happening in Britain. I will probably read the mail on sunday online once a week and watch a bit of Sky News whenever I get the chance. It is always interesting to see how the country I once called home is coping with the different challenges that they are facing in the economy.

The downside of being an expat – Part 2

To follow on from yesterdays post after losing my gas supply for a couple of days I also had the downside of also losing my broadband for a total of four days. When you work as an internet marketer this is an absolute no no. It’s like a duck without water you simply can not cope. Even though I work online I generally have a huge love for the internet and it’s like a fix that I need on a daily basis. So without the internet I become a very moody lady and my husband deserves a medal for putting up with it.

The downside of being an expat – part 1

I have officially had the long weekend from hell and I would like to share with over today and tomorrow how things can go very wrong for an expat living in the sun.

My first issue which I would like to share with you today is how much the utilities services can go wrong and you can’t do anything about it!

Leave me alone I am not a tourist

Over the Easter weekend we decided to hit the beach at Albufeira and headed down to the seafront on Easter Saturday. We were really looking forward to it as we had worked long hours recently and living in Portugal it is lovely to enjoy the local beaches in the algarve.

The beach at albufeira is only a short 15-20 minute drive from our front door and is a beautiful beach and probably my second favourite in the algarve. There was a lovely car show on showing vintage cars and my eight year old son absolutely loved it and so did I.