Will I Ever Live In England Again?

With the state of the economy and Portugal being well and truly in a recession there is always a question for expats whether or not we are better off going home.

Should you stay or should you go?

Well there has always been questions over me and where I will live, mainly because of my age and if you listen to many people I am too young to live in the Algarve and enjoy a better quality of life.

A Road Trip Back To England

At the end of April I had a few family emergencies and ended up having to go back to England by road. Just at the time when everyone else was enjoying (or avoiding) watching Kate Middleton become Princess of Cambridge I was packing up last minute so that I could leave Portugal the following day.

I had a health scare of my own (I had a blood clot and other issues) and these meant that I couldn’t fly by plane until they were solved. At the same time I needed new specialist glasses that are not available in Portugal. Along with this my Grandad had just suffered a heart attack and was in a bad way back home.