What Are The Costs Of Living In Portugal – Eating Out

"eating out living in portugal"Eating out is considered to be a luxury in most countries but in Portugal the availability if great value restaurants, as well as of course top gourmet restaurants too, means that when living in Portugal you are able to enjoy eating out a lot more.

There is of course a huge spectrum of choices of eating out but the best part about living in Portugal is that there is bound to be a restaurant, or many, that will suit both your needs, your tastes and your budget according to what you might be looking for.

Restaurante Trindade Lagos – Algarve Restaurant Review

"Steak on the stone"This is one of those restaurants that we have been meaning to visit for some time but have not quite got around to it.

My mum and dad are on holiday here and are always telling us about new restaurants they have visited and how nice it has been so we were expecting great things with Restaurante Trindade.

We went just the five of us – Mum, Dad, Me, Dominic and Kyle. When you saw it from the outside it just looks like a scruffy looking café and when you see the lovely seating inside you can’t believe it is the same place.

Adega Do Papagaio – Algarve Restaurant Review

My mum originally pointed me in the direction of Adega Do Papagaio in Espiche. It was during a girly evening in with some lovely Portuguese white wine that she suggested going there for a meal in the near future.

Well we never quite made it there together so we went there on our own last weekend for Saturday lunch.

It is known to many in theAlgarveas the Parrot restaurant and it was up a side street with a parrot outside so it is easily spotted.

I love the idea with Portugal restaurants were they can have just a lovely simple menu and how well it works.

Gusto – Algarve Restaurant Review

With the recent rises in costs for restaurant owners we have found that a lot of our favourite restaurants have felt the pinch a bit too much and have closed down, leaving us with a lack of restaurants to eat at on a regular basis.

Though I am not surprised because during a recession it is always the luxuries in life that we give up first and eating out certainly falls under this category.

Because we live in Silves we often end up at Algarve shopping as I discussed in an earlier post that you can read by clicking here. And we have made it our mission to go a little further to find some restaurants that we love.

Algarve Restaurants: Serra Da Estrela Restaurante, Algarve Shopping

With being parents to one child there is always that temptation to take them to a fast food outlet. Mainly because of the great convenience that comes with it. Plus I am a big fan of a trip to KFC or Pizza Hut.

When we go to Algarve Shopping I am embarrassed to say like many other expats that live in the Algarve we are regular visitors at these establishments. I know I am not alone because whenever I am sat in the main food area I always see the same people eating at Mcdonalds (the white legs always gives it away).