What Are The Costs Of Living In Portugal – Water Bills

"living in portugal water bills"The costs of living for anyone in any country varies according to your lifestyle and the same can be said of living in Portugal but for a rough guide on how much it costs to live in Portugal then you need to know about general household bills and today I am focusing on your water bill.

As with everything related to living in Portugal there are the usual highs and lows when it comes to household bills but on the whole if you live carefully you can exist in Portugal without having to spend too much money each month.

Could you afford to live in Britain now?

Even though I live in portugal as one of the many expats, I still keep in touch with everything that is happening in Britain. I will probably read the mail on sunday online once a week and watch a bit of Sky News whenever I get the chance. It is always interesting to see how the country I once called home is coping with the different challenges that they are facing in the economy.