Public holidays in the algarve vs Britain

It would be fair to say that the public holidays in the Algarve could be described as being on the generous side compared to the UK and it would also be true to say that many of these public holidays can be attributed to the highly religious beliefs of the Portuguese and you will find similar types of public holidays in many other catholic countries.

The Algarve has all of the usual public holidays that you have in the UK such as Christmas, Easter and May day but that is just about where the similarity ends.

Preparations for the Portuguese carnival

One of the great things that I love about being an expat in Portugal is the love for celebrating the local culture. I remember when I will little in the UK (the 1980′s) how wonderful it was getting ready for st Georges day and how seriously everyone took the event.

Fast forward three decades and England has forgotten how important celebrating its culture and has replaced it with political correctness instead which is a real shame.

However living in Portugal is like stepping back into the 1980′s in Britain and the excitement that goes with celebrating an event is everywhere. There is nothing anyone else is talking about apart from this carnival.