Online Shopping In The Algarve

I have blogged a lot in recent months about my love for online shopping from UK companies and getting items shipped to Portugal via top class removals companies. I love online shopping and to be honest it really doesn’t feel any different doing it here than it did when I resided in England.

The top shops that I do my online shopping with includes Asda, Tesco’s, The Body Shop, Next, Argos,, and HMV.

Algarve BLIP 2011: Not Everyone Was Smiling At Portimao

Algarve Blip was back recently and for the second year in a row we were very happy to attend. Well I was – I am not too sure about my husband and son. I always get this dirty look as if I am about to torture them. On the subject of markets or exhibitions they will often gang up on me and protest for a while.

Though they soon discovered that hiding the local newspapers wasn’t going to work and that we were attending BLIP 2011 in Portimao as a family.