A Positive Month For Most Of Algarve

"A Positive Month For Most Of Algarve"Preliminary reports have shown that the occupancy levels in the Algarve increased slightly for August 2012 in comparison to August 2011, although turnover is down in the region.

The preliminary report from AHETA have shown that the overall occupancy level for August 2012 was at 90.6% up from 90.7% registered last year.

Experts in Algarve tourism had expected revenue to be down for this crucial month in the Algarve so the drop of 4.3% in turnover, while damaging for the tourism sector, was not unexpected.

Poor Algarve Occupancy Rates For May

"Algarve hotel"Occupancy rates at hotels across the Algarve during May were the second worst in the past 16 years.

Data collected by AHETA, the Algarve Association Of Resorts and Hotels, found that the average occupancy rate in hotels in the Algarve during May 2012 was at 55.2%, making May 2012 the second worst in the past 16 years.

However, while the statistics are bad, an improvement has been made as the worst May recorded for hotel occupancy was 2011 and the rates are actually up by 3.7% this year in comparison to the same period in 2011.