Portuguese Government Didn’t Have The Funds To Buy Private Algarve Beach

"private algarve beach sale"It has been revealed that the reason the Portuguese government was unable to buy a stretch of private beach in the Algarve was due to a lack of funds and a shortage of time.

The beach in question is a stretch of around three kilometres which lies nest to the fishermans beach in Armação de Pêra in the municipality of Silves which has now been bought by the private luxury hotel Vila Vita.

According to various media reports the beach was bought by Vila Vita for around 200,000 euros and now belongs to the hotel for use by its guests.

Crisis Leaving Beaches Unsupervised

"Crisis Leaving Beaches Unsupervised"Beaches across the Algarve are at risk of not having any lifeguards for the 2013 season as beach businesses close due to the financial crisis.

The President of the Portuguese Federation of Beach Concessions, Luis Carvalho, told the Portuguese news agency Lusa that as beach bars and restaurants are threatened with closure the safety of beaches is under threat.

Currently the law states that beach concessions are responsible for paying for lifeguards on the beaches they are situated on.

If there is no business on a beach then there is nobody to pay for lifeguards and beach surveillance.

Changes Sought For Lifeguards On Beaches

"Changes Sought For Lifeguards On Beaches"The federation of lifeguards in Portugal is looking for changes in the funding of lifeguards on beaches to ensure a better service across the country.

According to the Portuguese news agency Lusa, the economic crisis in Portugal has led to many beaches seeing lifeguards removed earlier than normal due to a lack of funding for their services.

To be able to provide the best service possible in the future at beaches in the Algarve and beyond, changes to who pays for the lifeguards are needed according to the Federation of Lifeguards (FEPONS).

Families Of Maria Luisa Beach Fall Tragedy Looking For Compensation

"maria luisa beach fall tragedy"

Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

Families of the victims who died following a cliff fall on the Maria Luisa beach in Albufeira in 2009 are seeking compensation from the government for their losses.

According to a report by the Portuguese newspaper Expresso, the families will be asking the Portuguese government for compensation in the region of 900,000 euros.

The families of the five victims are launching a process in the administrative and fiscal court of Loulé and are looking to claim compensation from five public entities and also from the administration behind the lifeguard who was on duty on the day of the terrible tragedy.

Algarve Beach Goers Ignoring Dangerous Cliff Warnings

"Algarve Beach Goers Ignoring Dangerous Cliff Warnings"The Algarve has the highest number of dangerous cliffs on beaches however beach goers are ignoring the warnings on the beaches in the region and putting themselves in danger this summer.

According to a report by Sol, the warnings on the beaches in the Algarve and across Portugal are not working to prevent people from sunbathing under unstable cliffs on beaches while fines are not working as a deterrent to people.

According to Sol there have been no fines issued to people who are found to be sunbathing in prohibited areas of beaches.  The fine for sunbathing in these areas is between €10 and €50 but the maritime police told Sol that no fines had been issued by them for infringements of this law.

Algarve Summer Beach Health Plan Announced

"Algarve Summer Beach Health Plan Announced"The Algarve summer beach plan has been revealed by the regional health administration (ARS) and will see health posts along Algarve beaches from July 1.

In total 32 health posts will become operational across the Algarve coastline from July1 providing assistance for beach goers in the case medical emergencies.

Each of the stations will be equipped to respond to general nursing care situations with many people being able to be treated on site and more severe cases then being reported to hospitals.