Purchasing Your Favourite Items

"online shopping"One thing which you may not have considered previously to moving to Portugal, is where you are going to get all your favourite things from. Obviously you cannot expect to move to a different country and purchase all of the same items that you are used to, however there are certain items which you begin to miss more than you imagined when you cannot get hold of them any longer. This is especially true of cooking ingredients if you enjoy cooking a lot, as there are certain things which are essential for some recipes, which cannot be replaced with anything else.

Moving to a new country involves adapting and evolving to become more in tune with the local ways, and Portugal has some great shops with its own selection of unique items and ingredients which is always enjoyable to learn how to cook with. This does not mean however, that you will not still want to get hold of some of your old favourites as well. So what is the best way to get hold of these things I hear you cry? There are some shops in the larger towns and cities that have UK food shops or sections within a shop where certain items are sold. These places can be extremely useful (and fun to look around) when you locate one, but they cannot possibly cater for all of your requirements. Online shopping has made the task a whole lot easier and cheaper, and if you have not already looked into this option, you might be in for a pleasant surprise!

Online Shopping

There are lots and lots of different websites where you can purchase just about anything that you could think of, and knowing where to shop to get cheap delivery to Portugal will make things much easier for you. The most well known are Amazon and Ebay, although there are plenty of others as well as ordering directly from suppliers and they will ship items directly to Portugal for very reasonable prices. This is not just for food items but all sorts of things which you may be struggling to get hold of. Many people living abroad now depend on such sites to purchase all sorts of things they can’t get their hands on, and it can even work out cheaper to bulk buy certain items online and have them sent to you, rather than buying out here.

Some online shops will not send things directly to Portugal, and in this case you may have to try another approach. It can still work out as an affordable option if you have someone in the UK that would be able to send the items on to you via courier. Many companies ship to the UK for free, so you would only have to pay for shipping once. If you have particularly helpful friends and family, you can even arrange for them to purchase items from the shops in the UK and send it out in a parcel to you.

Moving to Portugal does not have to mean leaving behind all of your favourite ingredients or shopping items, it just means that you have to go about getting them in a different way. Friends and family always come in useful as they can send bits and pieces out to you, and they can also bring things out in a suitcase if they come to visit you. Adapting to a new lifestyle, with news shops etc can be difficult to adjust to, but for those items which you simply must have, there are ways of getting hold of them!