PS Party Looks To Protect Important Algarve Wetlands

"environment algarve"Members of the PS political party have called for the protection and regeneration of the Alcantrilha river and the marshland area around Armção de Pêra.

The political party have drawn up a draft resolution about the need to protect these important environments in the Algarve and have submitted this to the Portuguese government stating that the case is “urgent”.

According to a report by the regional newspaper Região Sul, the deputy leader of the PS party Miguel Freitas in Faro said: “The destruction of the marshland in Armação de Pêra and the pollution of the waterway in Alcantrilha will have serious consequences for the Algarve region.”

He added: “To be able to advance the natural heritage of the area we need to urgently recover this sensitive ecological area and bring life back to it.”

The two sites in the central Algarve region are considered to be by the PS party “an important wetland, known locally, regionally and nationally.”

The areas are renowned for being a haven for migrating birds who come to the area to nest in the winter months and use the area for reproduction.  Many of the birds that come to the area are known to have a highly protected status.

The party claim that this entire area has been “neglected by the government” in recent years and that the level of pollution in the area has been increasing “especially due to the discharge of waste water in the area that has not been treated and then is allowed to flow into the waterway freely.

The PS party claim that the Portuguese government has remained silent about the situation which forced them into writing the open letter to the ministry of Agriculture, Environment and the Economy.  They now hope that the open letter will “force clarification from the government and different political parties about their position in the case.”

The aim of the PS party is to ultimately force the government to “act quickly to reverse the environmental damage that has already been sustained in the area and to realise the importance of the area and its natural ecosystem.”

The open letter concluded by stating that they ask for the government to work with regional entities in the Algarve alongside the Silves council “to promote the environmental regeneration of Armação de Pêra marshland and the waterway in Alcantrilha as swiftly as possible.”

The natural environment of the Algarve is being seen as increasingly important to the overall economy of the region as increasing numbers of international visitors come to the region specifically to enjoy the natural environment.