PS Party Backs Radical Changes To Lagos Bar Opening Times

"lagos nighlife problems"The PS political party has stated that they back the proposed changes to the bar opening times in the city of Lagos.

In the Lagos municipality the PS party are the majority political party in the city and their backing of the changes to bar opening hours in Lagos holds considerable weight.

News about the proposed changes to opening hours in bars first came to the attention of the public after the media shared a public document about the changes which were being discussed by the president of the Câmara, Julio Barroso, and a joint committee he had formed for the purpose of the discussion.

News of the changes has been highly criticised by members of the business community in Lagos who believe that any changes could have a detrimental effect on the bars in the city.

One of the most critical points of the proposals is to see the bars in the city closing at midnight.

This has led to not only the business people of the city protesting about the proposals but there has also been a petition set up against the changes which so far has around three thousand signatures opposing any proposed changes.

The PS party have said that they are sensitive to all the needs of the people in Lagos and that they will be weighing up the considerable distress caused to local residents by the noise late at night and into the early morning due to the bars being open so late.  However they will also take into consideration the possible negative effects that changes could have on local businesses and the local economy as a whole.

A statement from the PS party said that they were looking to “create less confusing regulation and a more balanced solution that does not aggravate the existing difficulties of local businesses or incurs unnecessary costs for these businesses.”

It is being suggested that perhaps a special area of Lagos could be reserved to having bars and clubs open until late and this area would be subject t noise pollution controls.

The statement concluded by adding that they hoped a solution could be met to appease all parties involved and that they fully expected a “positive” result from any changes that are put in place.

Lagos is known in the Algarve for its vibrant nightlife with many of the bars and pubs being open until 4am and even later in some cases.  The revenue generated by the pubs and clubs is considerable and the nightlife is a draw for many thousands of young visitors each year who come to the city looking for the bars and clubs that are open until the early hours.