Portugal Rally To Return To The Algarve In 2013

"portugal rally algarve"The 2013 edition of the Rali de Portugal, Portuguese Rally, will be returning to the Algarve for a special “power stage”.

Once again the rally willy be holding a stage in the Algarve with a new “power stage” taking place in the region over 52.30 kilometres.

The power stage could make a huge difference to the overall standings in the rally because here drivers will be able to compete for important extra points that are added to the general tally of the rally.

Organisers of the rally have announced that the event will be taking place across Portugal between April 11 and 14 next year keeping in line with the rules of the FIA which require all stages to be confirmed a minimum of four months before the event takes place.

In total, the rally will cover a distance of 1630.92 kilometres which will be dived into 15 different stages with 386.73 kilometres of the race being time trials.

The power stage of the race int he Algarve is expected to be held on the final day of the rally and will be one of the longest stretches classified within the European rally competition that counts towards the World rally.

The Portuguese rally will be the fourth rally of the season and will follow events taking place fist in Monte Carlo, then Sweden and then Mexico.

The Portugal rally will have competitive racing running through the Algarve and the Alentejo of Portugal.

Qualifications for the race will be held on April 9 and 10 to determine the starting order for the rally.

For the first time since the WRC world rally returned to Portugal there will be a symbolic departure from the marina in Vilamoura, reminiscent of the experiences of 2005 and 2006 when Portugal held races in a bid to be accepted into the WRC.

On the first day of the rally the drivers will be completing stages in Mú, Felizes and Ourique before then heading for a special stage in Lisbon.

On the Saturday, the second day of the rally, the race will cover a total of 158.54 kilometres with stages starting at Santana da Serra, Vascão and Loulé.

Finally on the Sunday the rally will have a stage starting in Silves and then covering 21.52 kilometres before there is then the special power stage to be raced.

Only the preliminary details about the rally have been released at the moment and further information about the teams and drivers who will be taking part in the Portuguese rally are expected to be revealed next year.