Portugal In Pictures

Portugal is a uniquely beautiful place where each new location that you discover seems more enchanting and intriguing than the last. We have been here for a few years now, and over that time I have taken many pictures of the people, places, and produce which makes it such a wonderful location to live. In this section of the site, the Living In The Sun Team want to share our photographs with you so that you can catch a glimpse of what we have experienced and what you can expect from this breathtaking and exciting part of the world.

The great thing about this area of Portugal is that there always seems to be more to discover, and each different town village or beach has its own individual draw and attraction. The local people are interesting and always catch my attention through the way in which they go about their daily lives. I will continue to update this page with more pictures of our living adventure, as we visit new places and experience more of the hidden gems that can be found around each and every corner. Portugal is rich in both natural and cultural beauty, and for both the keen amateur photographer, and professional photographer, it is a great place to capture images that tell a story about life here. I hope that you enjoy looking through the photos and that they provide you with an insight into the beauty of the Algarve.

Beautiful Beaches In Portugal

"Algarve Portugal" "Alvor Beach" "Alvor"
"Alijezur" "Bocadorio" "Barill"
"Albufeira" "Albufeira Beach" "Happy and perfectly settled in  Portugal"
"Glorious weather in Algarve" "Ferrugundo" "Carvoeiro Beach"
"Lagos" "Milfontes" "Soft sands of Algarve"
"Portugal Days Out" "Best Beaches In Portugal" "Praiadarocha"
"Sagres" "Praias Algarve" "Summer Holidays In Algarve"
"Algarve Beach" "Carvoeiro Beach Algarve" "Lagos Beach"
"Salgados Lagoon" "Mar Menor" "Atlantic Ocean"
"Atlantic Ocean" "Algarve Weather" "Algarve Coast"
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Days Out In Portugal

"Karting Almancil" "Rooster Quad Tours" "Boat Trips Portimao"
"Krazy World Algos" "Zoomarine Algarve" "Zoomarine Algarve"
"Lagos Zoo" "Turiscampo" "Bonfire Night"
"cinema in Portugal" "Public Holidays Algarve" "Portuguese Carnival"
"Albufeira Marina Night" "Kyle thirsty" "Algarve Fair 2012"
"Algarve Fair" "Algarve Motor Park" "monkeybars"
"silves park"

Food and Wine In Portugal

"caldeirada" "Piripiri Chicken" "Portuguese Chourico"
"crispy roast duck" "marinated mushrooms" "sardinhas de escabeche"
"chocolate salami" "Algarve food and wine" "Algarve food"
"toasts and coffee Algarve" "Home made sardine pate" "sardine pate Portugal"
"Rodizio Grill Brazil" "Brazilian" "Adega Do Papagaio Algarve"
"Sergios" "Sergios Olhao" "Churrasquiera Valdemar"
"baked beans in can" "Steak on the stone" "chilled white wine"
"Cliff Richard" "Algarve Chefs Week" "Algarve meal"
"Food Bank logo" "Restaurants in Portugal" "Queijadas"
"orange juice and fruits" "Orange Grove - Algarve Portugal" "Couvert"
"coffee shops in Portugal" "bolo de cereveja or beer cake" "cataplana or portuguese pork and clams"
"roasted chourico and potatoes" "partial lift on algarve shellfish ban" "a quick guide to growing"
"arroz com polvo or rice with octopus" "arroze doce or sweet rice" "bacalao in tomato sauce"
"fruit salad and sweet madeira wine or salada de fruta com vinho de madeira" "maduros or plantains" "new slaughterhouse proposed for monchique"
"portugal peanuts" "portuguese cream tarts or pasteis de nata" "portimao snacks"
"cost of living portugal bars" "eating out living in portugal"

Best Restaurants
In Portugal

"Gusto Algarve" "Best Restaurants in Portugal" "Portuguese restaurant"
"Serra Da Estrela Restaurante" "Happy Family Algarve" "Happy Family"
"Kai Fu Chinese Buffet Algarve" "Kai Fu Chinese Buffet Aqua Portimao" "Kai Fu Chinese Buffet review"
"La Dolce Vita" "La Dolce Vita buffet" "Rodizio Grill Brazil"
"Steak on the stone" "Portuguese restaurant" "burger ranch"

Shopping In Portugal

"Algarve Shopping" "Iceland Guia" "Algoz Market"
"Portugal Market" "shopping in Portugal" "market stall"
"Chimarra Algarve Shopping" "Christmas shopping" "Pingo Doce"
"Continente" "butchers in Portugal" "iceland algarve guia"

Charity Shops & Pets In Portugal

"Pets In Portugal" "black kittens" "kittens"
"Bianca Pt Portugal" "local charity shops in Algarve" "Nandi Animal Charity Shop Lagos"
"kennel" "happy dog" "Canine Leishmaniasis"
"Vets in Portugal" "adopting pets in portugal" "pit bull dog attack portugal"

Education In Portugal

"Education in Portugal" "Portuguese Education System" "first day of school"
"physically fit children" "parents meeting" "meeting my  son's school teacher for the first time"
"visiting the local library" "learning the language" "youth vocational training"
"algarve students left in limbo" "algarve universiy budget" "public or private school portugal"
"pre school portugal"

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly About Living In Portugal

"The Portuguese life style" "Algarve Street" "Cobbles"
"Living in Portugal" "Silves" "The weather in Portugal"
"Finding a property in Portugal" "Algarve Sunset" "motorhome algarve"
"wine growing Portugal" "My son is frightened of doctors" "What If Your Partner  Wants To Quit The Algarve"
"out of sight, out of mind" "Do You Ever Dream About Your Family?" "I can see clearly now the rain has gone"
"Pub landlady Karen Murphy" "a trip to the local accountant" "Portugal bank holidays"
"the Portugal News" "downside of being an expat" "Portugal property prices"
"recession" "The Portuguese new tax system" "money"
"car insurance" "strike system Portugal" "Customs have stolen my DVDs"
"wrong way" "where to live in Portugal" "I Love Portugal"
"ARS logo" "bars and restaurants in the algarve" "forest fire"
"Hospital Barlavento" "Luz Doc banner" "Madeleine"
"offshore rig" "toll prices" "toll sign"
"Algarve hotel" "Algarve unemployment" "Sardines"
"railway line" "Portuguese flag" "Portugal tourism"
"old Algarve carro de bombeiros" "Portugal" "online shopping"
"Odelouca Dam" "new life in Portugal" "moving abroad"
"Monte Rei Golf Club" "IVA" "grape vineyards at countryside Portugal"
"GNR officers" "Algarve unemployment" "Algarve Portugal"
"algarve beach goers ignoring dangerous cliff warnings" "Algarve campsites" "algarve gnr working conditions deplorable"
"algarve hotel workers set date for strike action" "algarve summer beach health plan announced" "algarve tax collectors taking self defense courses"
"algarve tourism board left out of policy changes" "bullfighting ticket sales down in portugal" "less portuguese visitors coming to algarve"
"civil protection admits to fire fighting errors in algarve" "civil protection admits to fire fighting errors in algarve" "minister defends algarve fire fighting operation"
"reasons behind huge algarve fire reported" "Algarve nightclubs" "foreign tourists to boost algarve summer trade"
"get involved" "greens call for information on salgados lagoon development" "happy healthy lifestyle"
"historic border changes for loule and faro" "money pledged for algarve fire victims" "Monte Gordo"
"new algarve hospital opens in albufeira" "portugal triumphant at algarve sevens" "preserving history of algarve to cost 14 billion euros"
"protests against algarve emergency health care closures" "rare fish identified between madeira and algarve" "shops found selling cigarettes to underage teens in portugal"
"algarve bullfighting" "algarve councils seeking credit" "algarve cycle race under threat"
"algarve fire victims need one million euros" "algarve fishermen" "algarve municipality merge possibility"
"algarve road works" "algarve to be ht hard by new austerity measures" "algarve to face better future soon"
"algarve tourism turnover down by 10 percent" "algarve tourist company facing court after roma discrimination clause" "a positive month for most of algarve"
"changes sought for lifeguards on beaches" "costs of east algarve fires mounting" "drunken british parents abandon toddler while on holiday in portugal"
"emergency health centres will not close in algarve says minister" "feeling homesick" "fire in tavira"
"fishermen criticise octopus catching practices" "five year old british child and grandfather drown on portuguese beach" "forset fire algarve"
"four years living in portugal" "golfing industry to come to algarve in november" "government accused of ignoring algarve unemployment"
"life in portugal sunshine" "living in portugal learning portuguese" "maria luisa beach fall tragedy"
"new algarve solar energy parks ready" "new plans to tackle algarve seasonal unemployment" "new tax will be a further wage cut for portuguese workers"
"petition against development submitted to president" "portimao retail park" "portimao retail park fire"
"portugal plunges into extreme drought" "portuguese prime minister vents frustrations on facebook" "rent or buy in portugal"
"shopping in the algarve" "silves algarve" "slavery museum for lagos"
"thousands across portugal protest against austerity measures" "thousands of algarve beach goers helped this season" "toll payments"
"tourist tax needs to be universal say municipalities" "why portugal" "will the madeleine mccann investigation continue"
"a22 toll petition" "albufeira mayor erta" "algarve out of season"
"algarve rain" "algarve tolls stop" "almancil"
"being foreign in portugal" "birth in portugal" "british goods in portugal shopping"
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"desiderio sila albufeira" "mendes bota algarve" "olhao mayor road works"
"indoor swimming pool" "online shopping portugal" "lagos road works"
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"lagos budget cut" "large clothes shops portugal" "living in portugal local information"
"new year algarve olhao" "portugal immigration rise" "private algarve beach sale"
"private beach algarve" "ruben faria" "security algarve"
"sheraton algarve loule development" "tourism funding algarve" "winter in portugal"
"working in portugal" "burnt house algarve" "carnival sports algarve"
"crime prevention algarve" "environment algarve" "fishermen algarve faro"
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"living in portugal british passport" "living in portugal mold" "living in portugal renting"
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"protest algarve" "ricardo santos golf" "salir tt algarve sport"
"school scholarships algarve" "silves parish council mergers"

Driving and Transportation In Portugal

"Portuguese driving system" "driving in Portugal" "Road trip back to England"
"Algarve public transport" "public transport in Portugal" "tolls"
"BMI baby plane" "Algarve tolls" "Faro airport"
"Faro Airport lounge" "transport system in Portugal" "Portugal Airport"
"Groundforce Portugal" "Algarve Freight Centre" "go slow protests planned for algarve en125"
"a22 toll exemptions coming to an end" "initiative to cut down on algarve youth drink driving" "low cost airline ryanair"
"airport portugal september" "algarve tourism new routes" "algarve traffic"
"a22 tolls algarve" "driving in portugal"

Television & Telecommunication In Portugal

"My love for English Television" "HD Box" "English Sky Television"
"mobile broadband dongle" "watching television in Portugal" "no internet connection"
"british sky tv algarve" "Setting up broadband in Portugal"

Things I Miss Most In England

"Could you afford to live in Britain now? " "british food" "Argos"
"Asda" "family and friends" "M & S"
"Daily Mail Newspaper" "Favourite retails shops"

Our Holiday Vacation In Spain

"Barcelona" "Barcelona" "Ayamonte Spain"
"Ruidera Lagoons"