Politicians Question Why The Government Did Not Buy The Private Algarve Beach

"private beach algarve"Members of the Green party have questioned why the Portuguese government failed to buy a private beach in the Algarve which has now been purchased by a private luxury resort.

Earlier this year a private beach near to Armação de Pêra came up for sale from a private family and according to the law the Portuguese government had first refusal for guying this beautiful stretch of coastline, however the government declined to buy the land leaving it instead to being bought by the private luxury German resort Vila Vita Parc.

José Luis Ferreira from the Green Party has sent a letter to the Ministry of Agriculture, Sea, Environment and Spacial Planning stressing his concern at the sale stating that the decision of the government not to buy the land should be considered as being “unusual”.

The land in question covers around 22 thousand square metres and was up for sale for 200,000 euros, a price which the green politician considered to be “an accessible price”

The green party are now seeking answers about why the government allowed a private company to buy the beach and are challenging the legality of the entire process stating that it does to conform to the spacial planning agreement for the coastal area of the Algarve.

José Luis Ferreira has also questioned why more people haven’t spoken out about the situation and why Silves Câmara has allowed to let this situation go ahead when it is no in the best interests of the people of the area for the beach to remain private.

According to earlier reports about the sale Vila Vita were said to be working with the government to improve the infrastructure at the beach and to make it safe for  people to use easily, then it is alleged that the group plan to donated the beach to the Portuguese government in exchange for the concession to run the faciliites on the beach.

The Portuguese government stated originally that they did not buy the land because they were firstly unable to meet the short deadline for completing the process and secondly the funds were not available to them for this purchase during these times of austerity.

The vast majority of beaches in the Algarve are public spaces and are open to everyone to use and private beaches are largely not encouraged by the tourism entities as it prevents access of everyone to all the areas of natural beauty in the Algarve and is not seen as being positive to the industry.