New President Of Algarve Tourism Elected

"albufeira mayor erta"The mayor of Albufeira, Desidério Silva, has been elected as the president of the Algarve Regional Tourism Entity (ERTA).

The vote for the presidency saw Desidério Silva can 18 votes in favour, seven against and five abstaining and this positive result is seen by Desidério Silva as being able to give him “the freedom to not be subjected to pressures or lobbies” within the organisation.

The role of the president of the ERTA involves determining how the budget of one million euros will be spent on promoting the Algarve both within Portugal and overseas while the further three million euros in the ERTA budget is dedicated to the fixed running costs of the entity including wage bills.

For some the new appointment of Desidério Silva  as president of the ERTA will only serve to extend the “agony” of the ERTA .

Eliderico Viegas, the head of the Association of Algarve Hotels and Resorts (AHETA) said that the continuation of the ERTA would only serve to “extend the agony of the ERTA” and he added that there was a real need to implement new laws for the ERTA which are currently under way.

He added that he felt that it was time for the ERTA to be run by professional business men from the industry and not politicians.  The president “must come from the business sector” said Eliderico Viegas but as yet this has never happened with politicians and heads of local authorities being picked largely to fulfil this important role.

Speaking to press about his appointment Desidério Silva said that he did not feel that being elected as the president of the ERTA should be seen as a step down for him and he added that he wanted to use his position as president to be able to “assert the importance of the Algarve” to the Portuguese central government.

The future of those working within the ERTA was also made more secure with Desidério Silva saying that he had not come to “fire staff” at the ERTA and that he intended to work “with everyone”.

The role of the ERTA is to now try to bring back many of the tourists that used to come to the Algarve in the past and to also encourage new visitors to come to the region from all over the world.

By encouraging visitors to come to the Algarve all through the year it is hoped by Desidério Silva that he will be able to lessen the effects of seasonality in the region which currently causes huge problems to employment levels and the general economy in the Algarve each year as winter approaches.