Missing Child Returned To Mother

"missing girl algarve"An eight year old child of a British mother and a Portuguese father who was declared missing last August has now been returned to her mother by the authorities.

The child in question has been named by the Portuguese news agency Lusa as being Giselle Candice Kelly Silva and according to Lusa she was given back to her mother yesterday (February 12).

The child had been staying temporarily at the Refúgio Aboím Ascensão childrens home in Faro since the start of the week and her return to her mother was confirmed by the head of the childrens home Luis Villas-Boas.

He told Lusa: “The child was handed over to her mother shortly before noon in accordance with the court order in the case.”

Giselle Candice Kelly Silva was handed over to the PJ police in Faro after several months of her mother not knowing her whereabouts.

The disappearance of the child was first reported to the police after her father failed to return her from a visit to her mother.

The father of the child was arrested by police back on February 8 but at the time it is understood that he refused to tell the authorities where his daughter was.

Initially the father of the child was held in preventative custody, however now the child has been returned to her mother the father has now been released but is unable to leave the country and is required to sign in with a police station everyday to verify his whereabouts.

The case of the missing child has featured heavily in the English language press in the Algarve and Portugal die to the mother of the child being English and for months the mother has been fighting to find her child and have her returned to her custody.

It is hoped that now the child has been successfully returned to her mother that this should be the end of the ordeal for all those involved including the child who was at the centre of the entire case after being kidnapped by her own father.

Currently there has been no statement either from the father or the mother involved in the case and how the father will be dealt with by the courts has not been finalised.