Making Life In Portugal Easier – Buying British Products – Online

"online shopping portugal"With almost everyone  now having access to the internet there is no need to even leave the comfort of your home if you are looking to buy British products in the Algarve.

Wanting to buy certain foods that remind you of Britain or preferring to use products that you are familiar with does not mean that you are not committing to a new life in Portugal and there is no shame in admitting that you all you really want is a traditional British meal made with British ingredients!

There are numerous shops in Portugal and especially in the Algarve where you can buy British products however a popular way for many expats in the Algarve to buy products from the UK is to order them through the internet and then arrange to have them delivered to the Algarve where they can then be picked up.

You can do a whole weekly shop at Asda or Waitrose and they are happy to deliver it to a number of freight companies with depots in the UK.  All you have to do is make an order online and put in the address of the freight depot as the delivery address in the UK.

The goods will then be brought over to Portugal by delivery lorry and the freight company you choose in the Algarve will usually let you know when the goods have arrived.

This is a great weay to be able to make the most of all the special offers and deals that are available in UK supermarkets but remember you are not allowed to order cigarettes or alchol when it is being transported over seas.

You also need to bear in mind that if you are ordering fresh goods they may go out of date before they actually even arrive in Portugal and if you are not using a refrigerated service then be sure that you don’t pick anything that is going to melt on the way across and leave the rest of your shopping ruined.

Many people like to wait until the winter months to make a supermarket order from the UK because the lower temperatures across Europe mean that fresh good s keep much better on the journey even if they are not in a refrigerated lorry.

It is not just food you can order from the UK, you can also order basically anything under the sun to be delivered to a freight company and then brought over and this option is used by many who do not want to pay expensive postage costs for heavy goods that may be cheaper to transport via delivery lorry.

Of course there is also still the option of simply ordering goods online and having them delivered directly to your door in Portugal with more and more companies overseas offering a delivery service to Portugal without a heavy price tag.

If you are wanting to still enjoy some of the best of British and would rather take your time to surf the net and find the best deals then you will be pleasantly surprised not only by what you can get your hands on but also at what great value it can also be.