Living In Portugal And Finding Larger Sized Clothes

"large clothes shops portugal"Not everybody wears the same size of clothes but it seems in Portugal that if you are over a UK size 14 then you are pushed into the realms over XXL, however there are places where you can buy clothes in Portugal to fit a fuller figure.

There is always the option of buying clothes on line and with many well known retailers now delivering to Portugal this is an easy way to find clothes to fit you but if you prefer heading out to the high street then you need to look a little more carefully to find shops with clothes that will fit!

My shopping knowledge really only extends across the Algarve, apart from a knowledge of the major shopping centres and the main shopping areas in Lisbon, however these rules can really be applied to everywhere in Portugal as most chain stores have branches across the country.

When it comes to not being confused about European sizes the best place to go has to be Primark and there is a branch in the Algarve and in Lisbon.  The clothes here may not be to everyones taste but for socks, tights, swimwear and underwear this is a really good place to start when you are looking for your size.  The tights come in extra large and are suitable for taller or fuller figures while the swimwear often goes up to a size 24 in certain styles – a God send for anyone who has struggled to buy a well fitting swimsuit or bikini here!

Generally the clothes in Primark only go up to a size 18 with the odd size 20 thrown in for good measure, however some of the cuts and designs are very forgiving and it is worth having a look about to see if there is anything suitable.

Primark also has larger sized shoes available with a good selection of shoes up to a UK size 9 and some in wide fitting sizes too – brave the crowds and have a look at what there is on offer in Primark next time you are out shopping.

H&M is another great high street bet for fuller figures as this shop actually has a dedicated area to larger clothes and they don’t all look like something designed for your granny!  Admittedly there is a lot less choice than the main section of the shop but at least you will find jeans and trousers that will fit well here and this is a good stop for wardrobe essentials.

Finally it is worth having a look on the local high streets for specialist stores, they are generally more expensive than the high street branches but often have some gems in them with choices of dresses, beach clothes, smart clothes and everything in between.

If you are not sure where you nearest larger sized clothing store is then it is a good idea to ask in your local coffee shop or friends in the area who may an idea for you.

Happy shopping!


  1. June Lover says:

    As a UK size 10, searching for clothes for the ‘fuller figure’ doesn’t enter into my pursuit of clothes that fit. However, it hasn’t gone unnoticed that many of the Algarvean girls and ladies are a tad on the large side, especially round the ‘derriere’ and I’ve often wondered where they go to buy modern clothes (jeans for example) that fit. Something tells me it’s not Primark or the www, so there must be retail outlets down here that cater for the ‘generous’ figure. Quite where, I’ve no idea, but out of interest I’d be interested to know.

  2. June Lover says:

    Forgot to mention that C&A (Forum Algarve, Faro) cater very well for the fuller figure and sizes go well into the 50’s. I’ve no idea what that is in old money, but as a 10/12 I’m a 38/40.

  3. Hi June

    I actually buy most of my clothes abroad just because the size of the clothes are so different. When you have no bottom or hips and all the Portuguese do its hard to find nice clothes. I end up so fed up after failing to find something and just end up online at Debenhams.

    I understand what you mean about the XL though as they seem to vary a lot from shop to shop.