Life In Portugal For Families – Keeping In Touch

"life in portugal family keeping in touch"Life in Portugal is full of ups and downs – although it has to be said that it is mainly ups!  One of the biggest issues facing many families that move to Portugal is keeping in touch with other family members who do not live here and maintaining relationships with people overseas.

Just because you move to another country it doesn’t mean that you are now alone and have disconnected yourself from the rest of your family but what it does mean is that you will usually have to try that little bit harder to make sure that you keep in touch with people.

This can be especially important for families with young children as you will want to make sure that the younger members of the family know and have relationships with other members of the family, even if they are thousands of miles away.

I have found that children are remarkably resilient and adaptable and while parents are worrying if their children are upset about not seeing their auntie or grandmother recently the children are usually blissfully unaware of anything being wrong at all.

Technology has been instrumental in being able to allow people to keep in touch better than ever and talking to other family members on the phone, by email or by using skype has meant that the distance between people is less than ever and children tend to love seeing a familiar face on the computer screen and talking to them!

In my experience living in Portugal has meant a closer contact than ever with family members, mainly because people are more than happy to come out and stay with you in the sunny Algarve!

The time spent together in Portugal can be much better than in the UK or another country because of instead of grabbing a few moments here or there you often will have a prolonged time together of at least a week letting you be able to really relax and enjoy each others company.

It is of course very important for people, especially children, to have a sense of family but there is no reason why you cannot start to build your own new circle of friends in Portugal that can support you in a way similar to that of your family back in your home country.

Packing your bags and setting off for a new life in Portugal does not mean the end of everything you once had, instead this is a time to readjust and live life in a new and exciting way that perhaps you never thought possible before.

In the vast majority of cases family ties have grown stronger than ever because of a move abroad as time spent together is then cherished and enjoyed while the children will love all the gifts they get every time nanny visits!