Is The Algarve Still A Safe Place To Invest In Property?

"algarve property market"With financial turmoil leaving most of southern Europe facing difficult times many people are asking if the Algarve is still a safe place to come an invest in property?

The answer to this is of course a very difficult one without the use of a crystal ball it is impossible to predict the future and what it holds for Portugal and the Algarve but on the whole the answer to if the Algarve is still a safe place to invest in property has to be a resounding yes.

What sets the Algarve and Portugal apart from other countries is that there has not been the massive over building of properties that has been seen in countries such as Spain and because of this there is not a glut of property on the market to sell.

Empty and unsold properties are very few and far between in the Algarve ãnd because property owners generally are able to hold on to their properties and ride out the storm this has also meant that the prices in the Algarve have not gone into free fall as they have in other countries.

That being said there has of course been a fall in prices in many areas of the Algarve and there are some great bargains to be had if you are willing to look around and do some negotiating with the seller.

The market has slowed down a lot in the Algarve so now anyone looking for a quick sale of their property will have to drop their prices to make sure they get interest and this makes it a great time to invest in Portugal if you are wanting to pick up a bargain.

But while it may be a buyers market the value of properties in the Algarve has not fallen significantly despite the economic crisis facing Portugal as a whole and this is largely due to the fact that the Algarve remains a very popular holiday destination as well as being a great option for anyone looking to move abroad and start a new life in the sun.

No matter what the financial climate the sun will still be shining in the Algarve, the beaches will still be as beautiful as ever and atmosphere will always be welcoming and this makes the Algarve a constantly desirable place to own a property.

Not only is it still safe to invest in the Algarve there has never actually been a better time to be able to buy a fantastic property at a lower than ever price, so get onto the internet and start looking at properties in the Algarve!