Festival of Discovery to Return To Lagos

"lagos festival"The highly popular festival of Discovery “Festival dos Descobrimentos” will be returning to Lagos between April 26 and May 5 once again this year.

The popular will see Lagos turn back the clock to the sixteenth century and celebrating King Sebastião during the festival.

This is the seventh edition of the festival and this year the theme will be surrounding King Sebastião from Lagos to Alcácer Quibir with events planned to show this period of Portuguese history and the remarkable role of the King at this time which saw great developments and discoveries on social, cultural and economic levels in the Algarve and the country as a whole.

The king ruled in Portugal between 1573 and 1578 and during the festival there will be battle reenactments as well as other events to bring this period of history alive for visitors to the festival.

Most of the events in the festival will be held in the Praça do Infante/Jardim da Constituição and are set to include parades, reenactments and lots of entertainment reflecting this period in history with hundreds of volunteers dressing up and heading for Lagos to make the event a success.

Many of the volunteers will be from local schools and other institutions in the Lagos area with all working to create an authentic experience and portraying everyone from members of the clergy and nobility to everyday people from the time.

The festival will also be including a gastronomic element in partnership with restaurants in Lagos with special dishes being created for the event and for visitors to be able to sample.

While the festival is primarily being held in Lagos this year is the first time that all the local councils of Lagos are officially partners in the event and this is the reason behind the involvement of school children from various schools taking part in the event.

Organisers of the event have stated that the main objective of the event is to develop activities, projects and municipal programmes under one single direction of the municipality. It is hoped that by bringing together all aspects of the municipality that a broader and more successful events and future events can be held.  The organisers admit that they have only a limited budget to work with but hope that the cooperation of everyone across the Lagos area will see this seventh festival being the most successful yet.

Events and festivals such as this one in Lagos take place across the Algarve throughout the year and are an essential part of the tourism initiatives in the region encouraging national and international tourists to visit new areas of the Algarve and to plan holidays and trips around large cultural events.