Faro EN125 Bypass Work Still Delayed

"faro bypass works"It has been almost a year since the work on the Faro bypass on the EN125 stopped but still the road remains unfinished with accusations being made as to why the road has failed to be completed.

Work on the bypass to divert traffic out of the centre of Faro when using the En125 began back in 2009 with a budget for the work being set at 17 million euros according to a report by the Portuguese news agency Lusa.

Around 2 kilometres of asphalt has been laid along the road but the works to finish the job stopped in March and there are no signs of it starting again anytime soon.

All work along the EN125 to upgrade the road and to build new bypasses to ease the volume of traffic in key sections of the road was stopped earlier in the year due to financial problems and now the bypass in Faro is used as an area for jogging for local people.

The project to complete the bypass around Faro was seen as one of the most important features in the upgrading of the EN125 and it is estimated that when it opened that it will see an average of 20.000 cars each day using this short 2.5 kilometre stretch of road.

Removing so many cars from going through the centre of Faro would massively reduce congestion levels in the capital city of the Algarve and make the traffic that has to travel through the centre move more quickly and smoothly.

Anyone passing this section of road can clearly see that the works were halted mid project and pillars for flyovers are visible from the road.

The mayor of Faro, Macario Correia, told Lusa: “The impact of the unfinished road is very great for the city of Faro because there are many, many hundreds of cars and especially lorries that should be using this bypass instead of travelling through the centre of the city.”

According to the mayors office it is expected that there are still six months worth of work to be completed on the road before any cars will be able to use it and it is thought that the works will resume once again in either February or March 2013.

But the entire situation is being criticised by Luís Graça, president of the political party PS in Faro.

For him he sees the delays in the work as being a political move by the current administration who he believes are working to see the road opening to coincide with local elections.

He told Lusa: “There is no explanation as to why the work has stopped and stayed stopped for a year.”

Luis Graça added that by leaving the work unfinished the road in its current state is actually deteriorating and will cost even more to complete, “just look at the slopes, they are completely destabilised and will have to be rebuilt and reinforced.”

Lusa contacted Estradas de Portugal, the company responsible for the work and they were told that there will be no additional cost to the taxpayer of extra work that has to be undertaken to complete the road.