Environmental Assessment Called For Proposed Lagoa Dos Salgados Development

"salgados development"Politicians from the PSD and CDS parties are calling on the government to carry out an environmental impact report in relation to the controversial plans to build a development in the Lagoa dos Salgados area.

The members of the political parties have called for the environmental report to be undertaken as a preventative measure against the development located near to Armação de Pêra.

At the centre of the controversy is a development that would see accommodation for four thousand beds being built in the area of natural beauty that is the lagoon at Lagoa dos Salgados.  The company responsible for the development, Galilei, have plans to build a total of three hotels in the area as well as two tourist villages and a golf course with 18 holes.

A statement from the PSD and CDS-PP parties said that despite the environmental impact report not being required under the current legislation that the government should however “consider to apply this as a countermeasure against the development  which would allow the environmental impacts of the building of the development to be fully understood if it went ahead in this area.”

The politicians are asking the government to instruct the Environment Agency of Portugal to investigate the situation to be able to present a detailed report into what the consequences of building such a large development next to the lagoon could have on the species of animals, birds, flora and fauna of the area and other elements of the environment.

Lagoa dos Salgados is not actually protected from development because it was not included in the Natura 2000 national network of protected environmental areas of Portugal.  however it is considered to be an area that should have special protection.

MPs against the development say that the building of such a large problem would certainly have detrimental effects on the local environment of the area and would have a adverse effect on the environmental sustainability of the lagoon.

The secretary of state for the environment had already requested the opinion of the environment agency on October 8 regarding the development and the golf course in line with any other project of this type that takes place in Portugal.

Members of the BE political party have already petitioned the government to try and protect the 150 species of bird that use the lagoon as their habitat while several environmental groups have also backed the shelving of the development to protect the area.

At the moment the development looks to be going ahead and is considered by those who back it to be of great importance to the local area with the potential to employ hundreds of staff in an area that has very high levels of unemployment.