Does Moving To Portugal Mean You Have to Change Everything In Your Life?

"moving to portugal enjoying life"Making the move to a foreign country is a huge change in a persons life but does moving to Portugal mean that you have to change everything in your life or are you able to keep up many of the hobbies and pastimes that you may have enjoyed in the UK or your home country?

When I first moved to Portugal everything really did seem very foreign to me – it might sound strange but after coming on holiday here for so long for some reason I thought the transition would be very easy and I would be able to continue my life in a very similar way to the way I had lived in the UK.

But I have to say the longer that I lived in Portugal the easier it became to pick up the things in my life that I had enjoyed most in the UK and continue them in Portugal as part of my new life.

One of the things that I missed most at first were the friends that I had back home but after only a few months I had managed to find a whole new circle of friends who remain my friends now, years after I moved to Portugal initially.

I enjoy going out and socialising with friends and soon found that there were a number of lunch clubs and community activities that meant I could spend time with other people with a similar outlook on life as me and this made moving to Portugal much easier.

I also used to enjoy a number of different sporting activities in the UK and when I first came to Portugal I struggled to find where and when to go to similar activities here.  but again after only a couple of months I had managed to track down local fitness session, bike riding groups, walking groups and some group sport teams that I was able to join.

The longer that I live in Portugal the more my life involves all the activities that I used to love in the UK – without the grey skies and the long winter nights of course!

It may take a little more effort to be able to find the friends and activities that you want to do when you move to Portugal but when you do you will find that not everything in your life has to change just because you have moved to Portugal.