Could British Sky TV Be Coming To An End In Portugal?

"british sky tv algarve"Reports across the internet have been stating that satellite television reception from the UK for Portugal could be coming to an end with changes being implemented to the UK satellite footprint.

According to it is “widely assumed that this (the UK transponder) has moved to the new Astra 2F satellite and its tighter UK spot beam”.

What this generally means is that the satellite signal that anyone living in Portugal is picking up from the UK is now under threat as the area that UK satellite signals now transmits to has become much smaller and it looks like Portugal will no longer be able to receive this signal with the current equipment.

A new map outlining where the signal will now be able to be picked up does not include Portugal at all but all is not lost for anyone wanting to receive British satellite services as it is being predicted that by changing the size of your satellite dish you will still be able to pick up the service.

According to “some types of dish, such as the Multytenne dish widely sold and used in some countries tend to out perform traditional dishes and are reported to be able to receive Astra 2F in areas where larger dishes are typically required.”

The new Astra 2F satellite will host all UK public service broadcasts and the new footprint of its reach is only currently being discussed on line as there is still no official word from broadcasters as to how the new service will affect reception abroad for users.

“As more services launch on Astra 2F, in both horizontal and vertical polarisation and with differing parameters, the situation will become much clearer – but it will be possible that viewers closer to the fringe will only be able to receive certain channels and not others, depending on the parameters used.”

With changes being made to the satellite service already many people have lost a significant number of channels on their Sky boxes including Channel 4, Channel 5 and ITV and it is thought that the rest of the channels currently available in Portugal through British Sky will be lost by Easter next year when another new satellite with a smaller footprint for the UK is launched for these services.

Currently people in the Algarve and Portugal are trying to use larger dishes to be able to pick up the signal but it is still unknown if this will be a permanent solution to the problem or if new solutions to picking up satellite television will instead have to be searched for.



  1. June Lover says:

    Scary thought…. no Coronation Street!!! And according to my tv satellite guru, it’s a real possibility…. but rushing out to buy a bigger dish is not the answer as it won’t make any difference if they narrow the footprint with the new satellite (viz-à-vis Lazer who have huge dishes but will also be affected). It’s his belief that eventually (and this could be a long way off) all tv will come via the intrnet…. hence the introduction of ‘smart’ tv’s. But this won’t happen overnight. In the meantime, it helps if you have an HD Sky box, and a ‘reasonable’ size dish. We mustn’t lose sight of the fact this doesn’t just affect Portugal, but Spain, Italy, France and most of the European countries outside the UK. There’s too much money at stake, and I’m confident a suitable alternative will be found somehow.

  2. Hi June

    I am confident of a decent result too.

    At the moment we know that if it does happen and we lose them all we can connect our iplayer with a british ip address to my tv. But I am not messing with anything until I know for sure that all the channels will go.