Buying A New Laptop In The Algarve

We have lived over here in the Algarve for about 3 and a half years now and we decided some time ago we would get anything electrical from here. Yes they are more expensive but with are freesat box from England we had problems with it.

The electric supply over here damaged the box so it didn’t work. We decided then not to risk getting anything new from the UK. And you also get generally a longer guarantee of 2 years on most things over here. But saying that we have an old English laptop which has not had any problems with charging it from are electric here.

 We did buy last year a Portuguese laptop as we needed an upgrade and found to our horror that windows 7 was just in Portuguese not an option to change it to the English version. To change the operator language we had to upgrade to windows 7 ultimate.

We eventually decided after almost 7 months to upgrade the windows 7 we had to ultimate, why now? I hear you ask because we got used to it but when you are getting warnings and other things it is so time consuming to find out what exactly they mean.

Google translate is not always very reliable with their translations. We paid the extra £125 for windows 7 ultimate from the UK Microsoft shop and received are key via email. Added the key and hey presto the laptop is now in English.

Just before Christmas we needed another upgrade as we use the computers everyday and my husband’s laptop is the old English one we have had for a few years and the hard disk was full and we had decided to try Staples.

We went up to have a look and did not realise they did a good range of them over here. We chose a Toshiba this time as the last one we bought was an Acer which we was not keen on and we had decided that when we got back we would upgrade to windows ultimate straight away.

We started it up and to my husbands delight the laptop offered us windows 7 in English and Portuguese and we had to choose which one we wanted to boot it up in. Great we thought we have just saved another £125.

We were quite sceptical at first but when it had installed it was all in English and we were delighted. The same laptop would not have cost much less in England so we were very pleased. We did not know that Toshiba offers this but Acer certainly did not.

If any of you have bought a laptop over here and had problems with the language let us know and also if you have bought a laptop over here and being offered both when you first turn on your laptop and it isn’t a Toshiba then leave a comment to let people know which companies offer this.


  1. Martin Moffatt says:

    I have a Humax-Foxsat Freesat PVR 320GB and have not had any problems,its a fantastic box.Maybe you had a power surge that broke your box.The great thing about it is it will record two progs with one
    feed,albeit in a limited way.Also has 4 or 5 HD channels.You do not have to alter your Sky Dish
    and its free.Bought mine from SATBUYER.
    Just noticed the new model is 500 GB.Gets some good feedback on Amazon.