Australian Wins The Rip Curl Portugal Surfing Championship

"surfing portugal"Australian Julian Wilson beat off strong competition to win the Rip Curl Pro Portugal surfing finals in Peniche.

The victory for Julian Wilson was his first on the world championship tour after being ion the top 34 for the past two years.

Julian Wilson told ESPN: “Each day I rocked up here, they have our photos up for our car parks, lined up according to our rank, and from the very first day I just wanted to be able to park closer to the top and that was kind of my driving force to get a better car park!”

He may have been joking when he spoke with ESPN but the tactic certainly worked and now the Australian surfer has moved up the ranks from number 12 to number six thanks to his win in Portugal.

Gabriel Medina from Brazil only just lost out to Wilson in a repeat of a final that had taken place in France last year which saw the Brazilian come out on top.

Julian Wilson said of the loss: “That one hurt last year.  He beat me on the buzzer last time, so to even it out is a good feeling.”

~It came down to the buzzer again in Portugal with both surfers being left on the beach wondering who exactly had won in the end.

“All I was thinking about going for that last wave was that the barrel was opening up in front of me and I just got really excited and pushed through.

“I’d had a couple of barrels today that knocked me off and I’d been a bit lazy and that one, I knew if I could just stay on my board, I knew I was on my way to getting the score.”

Julian added: “I’m over the moon to win my first event.  The wave just came to me, and I was working on the theory of “never give up!”.”

While Julian Wilson was elated by his win Gabriel Medina was clearly shocked to have lost and the Portuguese fans were also disappointed with the final result.

In the end Gabriel Medina had to be coaxed to get onto the podium at the end of the day and he gave an tear filled emotional speech at the end.

Bad weather had threatened to disrupt the entire competition but in the end the weather was good for the world championships with many spectators turning out for the event.

Not only is surfing very popular along the western coast of Portugal there are also many opportunities to surf in the south of the country in the Algarve and in the Alentejo regions.