Applying For A British Passport When You Are Living In Portugal

"living in portugal british passport"Most people travelling around the world apply for their British passport in the UK, however if you move to Portugal then you will need to apply for your passport in a different way when you are living in Portugal.

When you are living in Portugal then you always have to have identification on you at all times.  Portuguese citizens all have an ID card that they have not only as identification but this card can also be used to travel freely within Europe meaning that most Portuguese citizens don’t ever have to apply for a passport.

If you become a resident in Portugal then your residencia will be enough as identification if this has a photograph on it, if you are not a resident then you need to carry your passport with you as identification.  Sometimes a driving license will do if the police ask for identification but the only one that is certain to be right is your passport.

You also need a passport as identification when applying for social security numbers, fiscal numbers, official documents, when you open a bank account and on many other occasions so it is essential that you always have a valid passport – not just in case you need to leave the country unexpectedly.

It used to be the case that you could apply for your new passport at the consulate in Portimão, this service then moved to Lisbon and now the only place that you can get your passport from is Madrid from the British Embassy there where there is a special department for this.

You do not have to travel to Spain yourself to go and get your passport, instead you simply need to download the forms from the internet from the official UK government site and then fill them in.

Once you have completed the forms then they have to be sent by courier to the Embassy in Spain.  this courier has to be one accredited by the Embassy and the details are available from their phone line.

You pay for the passport and the courier service by credit card – if you do not have a credit card then basically you have to borrow one for the transaction or else you will need to travel to Spain to pay for it in cash.

The service is not cheap with most passports costing around €200 including the courier service and the processing, however in most cases the service is swift and smooth and you will have your new passport in no time.

For further information about renewing or applying for a British passport when living in Portugal please visit the official UK government website that has full details about the processes involve and the costs of the services.