Algarve Too Dependent On Low Cost Airlines

"algarve low cost airlines"The president of Portugal tourism has spoken out about the over reliance of the region on low cost airlines and the passengers that they bring to the Algarve.

According to a report by Portuguese news agency Lusa, the head of the  Portuguese tourism board has said that the region now needs to redress the balance of airlines that are coming into the Algarve to ensure the longevity of the Algarve as a destination for tourists.

Frederico Costa said: “We need to create a balance in the airline operators who are flying in to the Algarve and from the Algarve to other destinations.  The region is currently too dependent on low cost airlines such as Ryanair.”

For the Algarve to be able to compete with other destinations around the world Frederico Costa believes that it is imperative for there to be a diverse range of airlines coming to the Algarve to offer more destinations and variety for travellers.

“Today perhaps we are too dependent on low cost carriers,” said Frederico Costa, he added:”We are at risk of over dependence on a small number of airlines which is putting our entire tourism operation at risk”.

He suggested that the Algarve should look to attracting more chartered flights to the region and also for Madeira adding that it was of the utmost importance for the Algarve to look to attract new customers by finding new new airlines to operate new routes rather than depending on the traditional carriers and destinations to push the Algarve forward for the future.

“Without planes coming into the region there is no tourism in the Algarve,” observed the head of Portuguese tourism.

The new initiative to attract new airlines and passengers to Portugal and the Algarve hopes to be able to attract an increase of more than 1.5 million passengers in the nest three years.

With the current financial crisis affecting tourism throughout the world the Algarve and Portugal now have to look to new ways to be bable to attract new customers to the region to spend their holidays and importantly, their cash, within the Algarve.

Diversifying the airlines that come into the Algarve is just one of many measures being looked at by the tourism board which also works on promotional campaigns in key markets such as the UK and Ireland but is also increasingly looking to new areas to attract tourists from including from Russia and from the Nordic states.